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Foot fetish


I’m a nineteen year old guy named William who is now attending college i was once a good friend to a buddy of mine and he had three little sisters all under sixteen and his dad had died three years earlier and his mom was very attractive blonde hair blue eyes five ten one hundred and thirteen pounds and she was always barefoot and so were his sisters well he went to his aunts house one night and my mom parents had kicked me out of the house for fighting my dad by the way he won so i went to his house and his mom answered the door barefoot in this pink robe and i asked if he was home and she said no he is gone for three days and i said oh OK and his mom said but you come in and talk to me and i said OK and so she walked into the living room and i followed behind her staring at her beautiful long legs and her high arched bare feet so we got to the living room and she said have a seat and i said oh thank you and she asked me do you want a beer so i said sure so she got me one and herself one and she then sat on the couch across from me and we were talking for about three hours about all kinds of different things and we were about nine beers in apiece and i could see she was kind of drunk and then i knew she was drunk by what happened now about ten minutes later she was spread eagle across from me and her crotch was shaven and then she untied her robe and she exposed her breasts and i was really hard by now then she came over to me and sat next to me putting her very sexy size seven bare feet directly on my lap and she said will you rub my bare feet for me there killing so i said sure and i was rubbing and massaging her bare feet or about an hour and then she lifted them off of me and she slipped her hand down my pants grabbing my member and said wow you stallion and unbuttoned my pants unzipped them and pulled them down now my member was standing straight up and then off came my shirt and she said look at those abs and then she sucked me and then i noticed hat her nine year old daughter was watching us and she was in nightdress barefoot and i said Angel look your daughter is watching and she said oh hi Natalie and she said hi mommy and she said you can sit in the chair and watch television so she did and then she continued to suck me and then i saw her ten year old daughter Amber was now watching too in the same nightdress as Natalie was in and she was also barefoot and Amber went and sat in the chair with Natalie and Angel was still going at it then here came her third daughter Ali who was wearing the same exact thing the other two were wearing bare foot also and they all were sitting in the chair together watching TV and then angel looked at up at me and said i want you to eat me out so i said OK fine so i did and about four minutes later i looked up and i freaked out about what i saw all of her daughters were butt naked watching me and angel well then they all came over to me and said will you do that to us and i said no then they said well just kiss and lick our bare feet like you did our mommy and i said just quick one OK so they sat on the couch with their tiny bare feet hanging over the edge of the couch and i licked their soles their toes and their tops of their feet then they all went to bed and then i fucked angel and that is the end.

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