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Shopping mall sex with my wife

Sunday, May 6th, 2012

Back in 200 I was again living in Canfield, Ohio. She is very adventurous and would try anything at least once … sexually. On a number of occasions her and I would go to the various malls and shop for “lingerie.” Numerous times we both went into the dressing rooms and always to one degree or another fooled around. At the least a good grope and other times full on sex. On one occasion in the Victoria’s Secret store we came out of the dressing room we were met by the manager. Another customer of the store had made a complaint about there being a MAN in the women’s dressing room and apparently engaging in acts of a likely intimate nature. A quick glance around the area quickly made clear the woman making the complaint was standing well within earshot as I loudly told the manager “I did not understand what the big deal was.” Nevertheless, we were asked to please shop somewhere else. We went back to Victoria’s Secret but just not the same store. We even tried it when we went to visit family in Prince George at the Pine Center Mall’s Le Senza and La Vie en Rose stores without any issues. I like the thrill of having sex at the shopping mall.

I lied to my boyfriend

Sunday, January 1st, 2012

I lied to my boyfriend without realizing it. It was nothing major, but it’s killing me. He asked who I was with so I told him my best friend. I didn’t mention that we were also with her boyfriend. The next day my boyfriend found out from some pictures online and was really upset. I’m scared he’ll never trust me again.

The evolution of a foursome

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

I’ve been part of a foursome since I was 16 years old. Things started when I was only fifteen and my girlfriend dared me to masturbate for her. We were in her parents basement and she was sitting in the old couch, under a blanket. I guess she didn’t think I would, but i peeled off my clothes, and started stroking my cock, right away. As soon as I had my cock out, she threw the blanket back. She was naked except for her pink bikini panties, and she had a hand down the front of them. I could see her fingers were busy! It was so hot, I came faster than I ever had before.

After that we wound up masturbating for each other a lot. One day, her friend walked in on us. She wasn’t shocked. In fact she asked if she could join us. She was beautiful, so, of course, I didn’t mind. The three of us wound up masturbating together. After she left, my girlfriend confessed that she’d set the whole thing up, and hoped that we could continue to get together. I agreed, gladly. My girlfriend also told me that she’d made out with her friend, and, that they’d even felt each other’s tits. I told her that I’d love to see that! The next time we were together, my girlfriend leaned over, and kissed her friend. They started making out, and feeling each other’s tits, and before long they began fingering each other’s pussies, as I jerked off.

Several days later, they started teasing me about how much they’d like to play dress up with me. Though I agreed it might be fun, I told them that iId only let them dress me as a girl if they’d let me lick both of their pussies. They agreed quickly and, in less than half an hour, they had me dressed completely as a girl. They even had me in make-up and a wig. I ate both of their pussies dressed up like that. Then, my girlfriend’s friend started to kiss me. She took off my top, then my bra, she tore the short skirt off of me, tugged my panties down, and fell to her knees. That was the first time I’d ever had my cock sucked! And, I loved it. We played like that a lot, after that.

Then, on my girlfriend’s sixteenth birthday, she told me she wanted me to give her a special present. I asked what it was and she told me she wanted to see me with another guy. At first, I said no, but she begged and begged and told me that they had played the same game with her friend’s boyfriend and they thought he was pretty cute, but he had told them he was bi-curious and he really wanted to know what it would be like to be with another guy. She promised she’d let me fuck her if I just kissed and jerked him off. I really wanted to fuck her so I agreed.

A few days later, the neighbor came over with the guy – dressed as a girl. My girlfriend had already gotten me dressed up, too. He was pretty cute, but I was still feeling very reluctant; however, he walked right up to me and kissed me. I liked it. Soon, his tongue was in my mouth and I was kissing him back. The girls urged us on, telling us we should tear each others clothes off. Before long, he was touching my cock; he stroked it until I came. He was really good at it, better than either of the girls. Almost before I knew what I was doing, I found myself playing with his cock.

A few weeks later, he went down on me for the first time. It was so good, I just had to return the favor. I loved sucking his cock, and I really loved it when he came.

Now, ten years later, the four of us are still together and we’re all in love with each other. I love being with him, but i still prefer to be with either of the girls. He’s better at sucking cock, and I love to suck him, too. But I like fucking the girls, eating them and, though they’re not as good at it as he is, I like it when they suck my cock, too.

Masturbation to sister

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

I can’t help masturbating in front of my sister.  She walked in on me about 6 months ago, it was snowing and I was bored.  Anyway, she really liked the fact that I touch myself and asked me to finish so she could see how my cum came out.

Ever sine then she watches me 3 or 4 times a week, and sometimes, when mom and dad are not home I will just start doing it.  About a month in, she started to join me, doing herself under her pants, but then started to show be her breasts.   Now we will lay side by side, and do each other some times and sh will let me play with her breasts.  She is about 5’7″, works out and has a 34 B cup  (I looked at her bra).

I am ready to go farther, since she asked me to eat her out and in return she gave me my first blow job. Sometimes she will let me kneel over her and cum on her breasts and face and make me lick it up and then French me.

I have a rubber, and want to do her.  I shake when I see her, and at my grandparents house last weekend, we went into the bathroom and did it real quick.  (masturbated)

I am in love with her and her with me.  We like the same things and get along real well.  Are we sick? Masturbation to sister is one thing, but thinking of having sex with sister?!

Foot fetish

Thursday, January 27th, 2011


I’m a nineteen year old guy named William who is now attending college i was once a good friend to a buddy of mine and he had three little sisters all under sixteen and his dad had died three years earlier and his mom was very attractive blonde hair blue eyes five ten one hundred and thirteen pounds and she was always barefoot and so were his sisters well he went to his aunts house one night and my mom parents had kicked me out of the house for fighting my dad by the way he won so i went to his house and his mom answered the door barefoot in this pink robe and i asked if he was home and she said no he is gone for three days and i said oh OK and his mom said but you come in and talk to me and i said OK and so she walked into the living room and i followed behind her staring at her beautiful long legs and her high arched bare feet so we got to the living room and she said have a seat and i said oh thank you and she asked me do you want a beer so i said sure so she got me one and herself one and she then sat on the couch across from me and we were talking for about three hours about all kinds of different things and we were about nine beers in apiece and i could see she was kind of drunk and then i knew she was drunk by what happened now about ten minutes later she was spread eagle across from me and her crotch was shaven and then she untied her robe and she exposed her breasts and i was really hard by now then she came over to me and sat next to me putting her very sexy size seven bare feet directly on my lap and she said will you rub my bare feet for me there killing so i said sure and i was rubbing and massaging her bare feet or about an hour and then she lifted them off of me and she slipped her hand down my pants grabbing my member and said wow you stallion and unbuttoned my pants unzipped them and pulled them down now my member was standing straight up and then off came my shirt and she said look at those abs and then she sucked me and then i noticed hat her nine year old daughter was watching us and she was in nightdress barefoot and i said Angel look your daughter is watching and she said oh hi Natalie and she said hi mommy and she said you can sit in the chair and watch television so she did and then she continued to suck me and then i saw her ten year old daughter Amber was now watching too in the same nightdress as Natalie was in and she was also barefoot and Amber went and sat in the chair with Natalie and Angel was still going at it then here came her third daughter Ali who was wearing the same exact thing the other two were wearing bare foot also and they all were sitting in the chair together watching TV and then angel looked at up at me and said i want you to eat me out so i said OK fine so i did and about four minutes later i looked up and i freaked out about what i saw all of her daughters were butt naked watching me and angel well then they all came over to me and said will you do that to us and i said no then they said well just kiss and lick our bare feet like you did our mommy and i said just quick one OK so they sat on the couch with their tiny bare feet hanging over the edge of the couch and i licked their soles their toes and their tops of their feet then they all went to bed and then i fucked angel and that is the end.