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I hate my stepdaughter who is a brat!

I hate my stepdaughter. She is 11 and gets away with practically anything. My husband (her dad) will allow her to do anything she wants, but when it comes time for my own daughter to choose something, my stepdaughter will come up with any excuse to make sure that doesn’t happen. It is not mandatory for my stepdaughter to go to any of my daughter’s functions but I still can’t help thinking she is a brat for not wanting to go. When my stepdaughter asks to do something my husband will make everyone go or do it just for her. My husband treats her like a queen and our own daughter that we had together like crap. Sometimes I feel my daughter and I are competing for his time with my step daughter. My stepdaughter will swear, roll her eyes, spit on people and basically give no people any respect. The attitude she has is unbelievable. Any time I confront her about her dad will step in and start making excuses for her. I honestly don’t want my own daughter around my stepdaughter at all. I am fed up. I dint realize how much problem this would create, I was so in love with my husband but it all went downhill since the daughter started living with us. I tried all the advice out there but none seem to work.


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