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Taking revenge on my current boyfriend by sleeping with another man

I was cheating on my husband by meeting guys from Plenty of Fish dating site in Prince George. I divorced him for a guy, whom I thought to be the next best thing for me. He sleeps in my bed every night, treats me well and who gives me great oral pleasure. The problem is I hate having to work so hard to get it up for him. At the beginning it was not a problem but lately its becoming a chore. He just can’t hold it up. I also suspect he has been sleeping with hookers from Prince George. Getting blow jobs from his sons baby momma. I know he is lying to me when I confront him about the lipstick on his neck or the pair of movie tickets I found in his pocket. I am very worried of leaving him because I don’t want to mess things up once again. Now I look back and really miss my ex-husband. Things were hard at times but I never took the time to address them. I wish I did. One of the ways I am thinking of taking revenge on my current boyfriend is by giving another man I am chatting with from Facebook a wild night! I know two wrongs don’t make it right but I just want something good for me.


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