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I masturbate uncontrollably and can’t stop it!

I am a healthy female, living in Prince George, have a great husband, have a great career, but I have a secret. I can’t stop masturbating. I am obsessed with it. I can’t control myself. I get turned on very easily and then I masturbate. If I am in a movie theater, I get turned on when I see a kissing scene. I then have to masturbate in the theater. I sit in the corner just for that reason. At work I take breaks or have to hang up the phone and go to the ladies room to masturbate. I can’t stop. I am worried that it’s going to affect my health. My husband knows about it and he encourages too. He thinks it’s hot. We do have a great sex life. I really want to stop but I can’t. I am very embarrassed to seek professional help.


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