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Gave three guys blowjobs in a row

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

One day my older cousin was telling me the types of things boys and girls do when they have sex. I asked, “Why would I want to put their cock in my mouth”, she replied, “silly, because you are a girl and that’s how you make a guy happy.” Later that day we walked over to her boyfriend’s house; his parents were still at work, and there were two other guys there. The conversation drifted over to sex. She told them I had just learned what a blow job is just that morning, they all laughed. Her boyfriend pulled his cock out and said, “Well, you want to try sucking my dick?” They all laughed again. My cousin moved over and started sucking him, and motioned for me to come and watch how it is done up close. He came in her mouth and she swallowed. After she finished, she kind of volunteered me to the other guys. Having just watched her do it, I felt relaxed enough to give it a try with one of the guys. Guess I was lucky, as it didn’t taste too bad when he came in my mouth. There was clapping and whistling when I finished. I went on to do the other guy, then my cousin’s boyfriend. I gave three blowjobs in a row! Not bad for first timer.

I am a retired escort in Vancouver

Monday, January 2nd, 2012

When I was an escort I did mostly a combination of massage and BDSM. I am mostly glad to be out, but I miss the feeling of being pretty and maintaining enough prowess to get men to pay for me. Especially the ones those paid me to beat and berate them. I worked as an escort in Prince George and then moved to North Vancouver. I would travel to Nanaimo or Victoria too, as high class hired escort depending on the price and if the client was paying for my trip. Money was very good but since I specialized in fetish I met some interesting and powerful people of the society. My very first call to escort was for a scary looking guy who showed me newspaper articles online about how he’d gotten in troubles with law, and then smoked some pot, and then couldn’t get off. Even after half an hour of me screwing him up his ass with his toys, he couldn’t get it hard. He was also smelly. When I went down to give him a blowjob, I almost gagged. So I ended up giving him handjob. That was one of my worst appointments throughout my escort career. Can’t believe I kept going. Now I look back and laugh. I don’t regret anything.

Want to leave and divorce my husband but I dont know how

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

I have been with this man for 18 years but 12 of it as husband and wife. Now I am reflecting back on my 18 years with him and realizing almost everything about him irritates me, even how much he loves me. We left our families back in Edmonton and we moved to North Vancouver. We have nothing in common, he doesn’t pursue me as he used to, and I have closed myself up completely and am just trying to survive this marriage. We have 3 children together. I have allowed myself to become overweight because I know that if I weren’t, I would find someone and leave. I do not take care of myself because of that fear. I also do it thinking he will eventually stop loving me. But yet, he stays and he loves me as I am. I wish he would just hate me because of my weight and not taking care after anything but he still loves me. If we didn’t have kids, I’d leave regardless of how I looked or if I had a job. I’m just not happy, or attracted to him, and am tired of staying because that’s the Christian thing to do. He doesn’t handle the family’s faith, the money, the bills, the discipline, he’s not a strong type of man and it embarrasses me. Sometime I feel like I am the man in this relationship. I think he’s stupid and boring and the way he disciplines our kids makes me so angry. I have no support system in place because we left our family’s disowned us when we moved here. And so I remain quiet and hope to survive. Maybe one day I will love him again or at least have the courage to leave him and divorce to move on to something new.

I hate my stepdaughter who is a brat!

Thursday, February 3rd, 2011

I hate my stepdaughter. She is 11 and gets away with practically anything. My husband (her dad) will allow her to do anything she wants, but when it comes time for my own daughter to choose something, my stepdaughter will come up with any excuse to make sure that doesn’t happen. It is not mandatory for my stepdaughter to go to any of my daughter’s functions but I still can’t help thinking she is a brat for not wanting to go. When my stepdaughter asks to do something my husband will make everyone go or do it just for her. My husband treats her like a queen and our own daughter that we had together like crap. Sometimes I feel my daughter and I are competing for his time with my step daughter. My stepdaughter will swear, roll her eyes, spit on people and basically give no people any respect. The attitude she has is unbelievable. Any time I confront her about her dad will step in and start making excuses for her. I honestly don’t want my own daughter around my stepdaughter at all. I am fed up. I dint realize how much problem this would create, I was so in love with my husband but it all went downhill since the daughter started living with us. I tried all the advice out there but none seem to work.

I use vibrator at work to please myself

Thursday, December 9th, 2010

I am 24 year old recently graduated from Simon Fraser University, living in North Vancouver and working as a paralegal assistant. My secret is that I use a vibrator at work to please myself.

I own a Bluetooth vibrator. The way it works, is you insert the vibrator into – “you know where,” and then you plug the other part into any USB port on your computer and let the magic begin. It is really discreet and my computer is under my desk so no one sees the cord. You can actually control it through the web, which basically allows you to control the speed, from 0 (off) to 10 (superfast). Even my boyfriend can control it from wherever he is. So most days at work, I sit there pleasuring myself pretending to work, while everyone else goes about their business, oblivious to my intense pleasure. At times it is even hot when others think I am working hard when they walk by my desk. Somedays my boyfriend would call and we would have phone sex using the web interface. Other days he would just control the speed from the web without me knowing just to let me know he was thinking of me, its really hot. It does make a light humming sound, but I no one notices. Once my boss asked what that noise was and I just said computer making that noise.