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Just a little white lie: I lied about my co-worker that may get her fired

I work with this lady that drives me nuts. She says things without thinking and always seems to mess everything up. Money has gone missing and we all think it was her who took it but can’t prove it. When there is something to do outside the “office” she takes off to do it and doesn’t come back for hours. She will stand up in the middle of a meeting and leave the room without saying anything to anyone. Just stands up and leaves the room!! When I walk into a room and she is there it just pisses me off. I can’t stand even hearing her name anymore. Yesterday, she pissed me off just a little too much this time and I had enough of all the crap she has been pulling to this point. So, when I was talking with one of my other co-workers and told a lie about her. Not just a little white lie a big lie. Something that could get her fired. I said that I was told by someone else that she does drugs. And not just simple drugs (dope) but hard core drugs (coke). I said that I know someone who saw her at a party and she was strung out so bad that they couldn’t believe that it was her. In a way I feel bad but then again she has been driving me nuts since I started this position and I have just had enough of her. She seems to get away with murder and no one will do anything about it. So why not push it so maybe she will be fired or at the very least moved to a different office.


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