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Fantasy about my wife’s coworker in Prince George that know one knows of!

This is a fantasy no one knows of. I live in Prince George. My wife is a manager in the same organization I work in. One of the women who work with her is very desirable to me. I have been fantasizing about her for last few months. Even when my wife and I are intimate, still I picture this other girl. Lately I have been finding myself paying her more than normal attention. We both like the attention we are paying to each other. We both are married to other people that are the only thing keeping us from taking it to the next level. We never talked but that is what I think of. We are now at the point of hugging when we say hello. I want to meet her somewhere in the middle of the day, kiss her deeply, remove all her clothes and do her completely. It’s all good and fun in a fantasy world, but my fear is that this is going to happen. After it happens it will become a permanent thing and that will probably ruin both of our happy lives and everyone around us.


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