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Hooking Up and Hanging Out with Plenty of Fish

I joined Plenty of Fish (POF) a couple of weeks ago and decided on the spur of the moment to list myself as interested in an intimate encounter. I thought why go through all the bullshit, why jump through hoops. I put up a cheeky profile and said I wanted to try new things and see what I liked and I was immediately overwhelmed with response.

Guys as old as 65 (I’m 32) and as young as 18 sent me messages, chat requests and pictures of their cocks. I’ve chatted with guys about everything from my favorite sexual position to what they’re making for dinner. I’ve left myself open to new things and I don’t say not right off the bat, although I feel awkward and a bit icky when the really young guys send me messages.

Since I posted my “I put out” profile, I’ve hooked up with three guys. Two of which I probably won’t see again and one that rocks my world on a semi-regular basis. It’s so easy, I show up at his place, he buzzes me in, I get naked, we have sex, we cuddle and watch stupid movies until I put my clothes on and go home.

He’s got incredible hands and amazing strength. He made me cum the first night by touching my legs. We’ve tried positions I’ve never tried before, and he just knows how to read my body, and leave me a puddle of quivery, boneless orgasms. I’m not in a relationship with him, we don’t really talk about our day or our feelings, we just have fantastic, mind altering, forget your own name because the only thing you know is the feeling of skin on skin sex. And I love it.


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