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“Business Lunch” that turned into sex

He invited me to meet him at the coffee shop downtown for lunch. Although there were few people there today, I knew we still had to be careful. We could sit and eat and talk and let our imaginations go, but we could not touch, just in case someone he knew was near and saw us. It’s a business lunch is what he would say. I found a table in the corner, affording us a little more privacy. He walked in moments later and joined me. I knew we looked out of place sitting together, me a short, curvy white girl in a summer dress and him, a tall, thin black man in a business suit. Im not sure what kind of business meeting we could be having, but that was the excuse…

We sat across from each other, our eyes undressing one another. I recall we ate and chatted, but I know our minds were elsewhere. His eyes kept leaving my face and ending up on my large, tan breasts. He would lick his lips and begin to breathe heavily, as though he was being tortured. I ventured far enough to take my heels off and sneak my toe along the inside of his long leg, up to his thigh. I felt myself get wet as I imagined what was higher up. We finished our lunch and he walked me to my car. Seeing the streets were void of any others he found his voice and as we turned to say goodbye to each other he instead whispered “I want to fuck your pussy so hard right now. My cock is aching to be inside you E”.

Without a word he climbed in the car beside me and I drove away. Before we were out of the parking lot his lips were on my neck and his fingers were pulling my panties aside. He began whispering French in my ear, which he knew drove me wild. I concentrated on the road, but was glad the traffic was light as I swerved over the line a few times. We couldn’t go to either one of our homes so I drove onto the highway and headed west, out of town. He unzipped his pants and pulled his hard cock out for me to see. I was surprised I could grasp him with one hand and drive with the other. The first gravel road I saw I pulled over and stopped the car.

I quickly leaned over and pulled his large, swollen cock into my mouth, almost gagging as he pushed it down my throat. “You like sucking my big, black cock don’t you?” “You want me to cum all over your sweet lips?” His words made me suck even harder which made him grind his teeth and cry out in what sounded like pain but I knew was pleasure. He pulled my dress up and began lightly slapping my ass. I focused on his breathing and right before he was about to cum I stopped sucking. I allowed him to calm down for a few moments before I pulled him into the backseat with me.

His legs were cramped in the back but I fit nicely on his lap. He lifted my dress and I held his cock as I lowered myself onto it. I could feel every inch of him sliding into me, filling me up like no other had before. With no reason, or time, to take things slow, I began riding him fast and hard. “You’re a dirty bitch who loves cock” “Your bad, you deserve this” he spoke as he began first spanking my ass, then gently slapping my face. I pulled my dress down and allowed my tits to bounce as I went up and down on his cock. “Hit me” I cried, so he hit me again, harder this time. “You fucking bitch” he whispered to me. Each time his hand touched my face I felt my body spasm.

I couldn’t control myself anymore and as an orgasm ripped through my body I slapped him hard across the face. He glared at me and grasp onto me tighter. As my orgasm drifted away he pulled me faster and harder, up and down on his cock. His teeth clenched again and his face contorted as he filled up my pussy with his juices. I slowed to a halt and just rested for a moment on his lap, each of us catching our breath. “Your pussy grasps onto my cock so hard and gets so hot when you cum, it drives me crazy!” he says as I grin and slightly blush. We head back into town, him back to work, me home to finish the laundry. The business lunch that turned into sex … I think it went well! Best business lunch ever!

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