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Sex with a guy – First gay experience

I was reading the story about the sixteen old who was seduced, and thought that I would share my experience – my first ever gay experience. I had an older neighbor who was divorced, and he was a nice guy, and the two of us would talk, and we got along pretty good. One day he asked me if had any girlfriends, and I said that I didn’t right then. He smiled and asked me if I was close to any of my guy friends, or if I occasionally liked being with another guy. Of course I was kind of embarrassed and said, no, and told him that I wasn’t gay. He said that he knew that, but just thought that maybe I enjoyed some fun with another guy sometimes. He told me how he liked that sort of thing from time to time and was very casual about it.

Well, I was curious, and I supposed it showed. After that, we kind started to be sort of chummy with one another. We would put an arm around behind each other’s waist and we hugged a couple of times, just in a friendly way. I sort of liked doing that, and so did he. One day when I was over at his place, we did a friendly hug, and he chuckled and told me how it was giving him a hard on. Then he asked if it was giving me one. I sort of shyly admitted that it was a little bit. So he suggested that we go into his bedroom and get naked so we could enjoy it. We did that, and it was fun being naked and erect together, and getting to actually touch and play with each other’s boner. We fooled around for the better part of an hour, and jacked each other off. Well, that felt really good, of course.
The next week we got together, and he asked if I wanted to fool around some more. I was all for it. So we got naked together, and we tried having a little oral sex and sucked on each other, and I found that very exciting. He calmly asked if he could stick his dick in my butt and fuck me. I wasn’t too sure about letting him do that, but I said that I would try it. He put on a condom and got up behind me, and eased his hard penis into my butt. His penis wasn’t very large, although it had a really big head on it. I expected it to hurt, but he was quite gentle, and he got it in me with no problem. I found that unbelievably exciting when he started to fuck me, and it made my penis super hard! He fucked me for maybe five minutes and then when he started coming in me, I got really excited and I ejaculated. I had never been that excited in my whole life before! That was my first ever gay experience.

I had sex with him a number of more times. It was secret and fun, and I had no regrets about it what-so-ever. Good memories.

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One Response to “Sex with a guy – First gay experience”

  1. warrior Says:

    I was the 16 year old who was seduced that led you to share your experience. Thanks I enjoyed hearing about your hot sex!

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