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Sex with a guy – First gay experience

Tuesday, December 2nd, 2014

I was reading the story about the sixteen old who was seduced, and thought that I would share my experience – my first ever gay experience. I had an older neighbor who was divorced, and he was a nice guy, and the two of us would talk, and we got along pretty good. One day he asked me if had any girlfriends, and I said that I didn’t right then. He smiled and asked me if I was close to any of my guy friends, or if I occasionally liked being with another guy. Of course I was kind of embarrassed and said, no, and told him that I wasn’t gay. He said that he knew that, but just thought that maybe I enjoyed some fun with another guy sometimes. He told me how he liked that sort of thing from time to time and was very casual about it.

Well, I was curious, and I supposed it showed. After that, we kind started to be sort of chummy with one another. We would put an arm around behind each other’s waist and we hugged a couple of times, just in a friendly way. I sort of liked doing that, and so did he. One day when I was over at his place, we did a friendly hug, and he chuckled and told me how it was giving him a hard on. Then he asked if it was giving me one. I sort of shyly admitted that it was a little bit. So he suggested that we go into his bedroom and get naked so we could enjoy it. We did that, and it was fun being naked and erect together, and getting to actually touch and play with each other’s boner. We fooled around for the better part of an hour, and jacked each other off. Well, that felt really good, of course.
The next week we got together, and he asked if I wanted to fool around some more. I was all for it. So we got naked together, and we tried having a little oral sex and sucked on each other, and I found that very exciting. He calmly asked if he could stick his dick in my butt and fuck me. I wasn’t too sure about letting him do that, but I said that I would try it. He put on a condom and got up behind me, and eased his hard penis into my butt. His penis wasn’t very large, although it had a really big head on it. I expected it to hurt, but he was quite gentle, and he got it in me with no problem. I found that unbelievably exciting when he started to fuck me, and it made my penis super hard! He fucked me for maybe five minutes and then when he started coming in me, I got really excited and I ejaculated. I had never been that excited in my whole life before! That was my first ever gay experience.

I had sex with him a number of more times. It was secret and fun, and I had no regrets about it what-so-ever. Good memories.

Taboo I couldn’t resist

Wednesday, August 20th, 2014

At 18yrs my first job in a mining camp was a really different experience. I couldn’t wait for that first big paycheck. This was in the days when 2 months was the normal time in, before any days off, so after the first 2 weeks I was jerking off every night, thinking about my girlfriend and hoping she was being faithful. We didn’t work Sunday so Saturday night was drinking time. Most of the guys there were a lot older than me and treated me pretty good. I thought they were cool, and enjoyed being accepted by guys mostly older than me. We had a bar in this camp and both married and single men would go there on Saturday night. The mine provided accommodations for married couples. I drank a bit to much and knew I should get back to my room. Mike the guy on my shift walked me back to my bunkhouse cause he said he didn’t want me to pass out on the way and freeze to death. When we got to my room he even took off my shoes and started to undress me which I found a little weird, but I was super naive and thought he was just being nice. When he got to my underwear I resisted that and told him that I didn’t want to take them off. By now small alarm bells were going off in my mind and when I looked at him I could see he was really worked up and kinda drunk himself. Mike was well over 40. He just laughed and said something about not worrying so much. He forcibly took my underwear off and made out like it was a big joke. I felt really exposed and embarrassed by now and was quickly sobering up, but Mike seemed quite drunk now, but at the same time very intense looking. I got under the covers to hide my nakedness and when I did that he began to undress himself and said in a slurred voice that he was going to join me. I told him he was drunk and should go back to his own room, but he said he was to horny for that. I told him I wasn’t into this but he acted like he didn’t hear me. In no time at all he had his pants off and wasn’t wearing underwear. He was fully erect and his cock was sticking straight up and bobbing up and down and sideways. I said “Mike go back to your room” I was a little afraid and amazed that he would be doing this. It was so out of character for him, I couldn’t really make sense of this. He pulled back the covers and pushed me over as he slid in next to me and I had nowhere to go, I was against the wall and when I tried to sit up he pushed me down with his forearm and swiveled his body over top of me. It was incredibly unbelievable, like I couldn’t compute this behavior in my head. It was so outside of any experience I had ever had or even dreamed about. I struggled under him and I felt his erection pressing against my leg and said to him “Mike get off me, are you crazy”? Then even more embarrassing I felt my own cock moving and getting fuller. That was the worse, I couldn’t let him know that was happening, but try as I might I couldn’t get my cock to stop, so I intensified my efforts, but it didn’t make any difference. He was immovable, his arms were like iron bands. He kept saying “its ok, its ok and started humping my leg and then he came to a full stop and looked at me. He had felt my cock, which was by now fully erect. “See its ok, you like it, I like it. “No I don’t I said, just get off” He didn’t answer, but lowered his head and started to suck my nipple. My nipples are big for a guy, about 1/4 inch long and I was always self conscience about them. It was electrifying, a new experience and it felt so horny but I didn’t let him see that. He started on the other one and I bucked and gasped from the feeling when he did that. At some point he slipped in between my legs and began sliding his cock against mine back and forth, up to my belly and then down under my balls. I had stopped talking and stopped trying to get him off. I was moving under him myself trying to get more contact against him with my own cock. He was super worked up now and I knew it was sexual. Different, I had never seen a man sexually aroused before. I knew I could never stop him now, no matter what I did. He was out of control, powerful and way to strong for me. He moved suddenly off the bed and I felt the cool air over my body, and stayed still and watched him watch me. Naked and aroused, my cock was twitching up and down on my belly. In this moment I thought should I? And then he moved. He grabbed his cock and stroked it. It looked dark and solid, meaty and larger than mine. His balls moved with his strokes. “You want some” I thought he was asking me if I wanted a blowjob. I let a modest few seconds pass and the said “yes”. I was into it now, it was taboo to me, but it was to late to back out. Then he reached down and grabbed my ankles and pulled me to the edge of the bed and bent down and licked my cockhead. I bucked again. Weird, watching a guys head down there, but it felt good, better than good. He took me in his mouth and started to suck. I grabbed his arms and hung on. My hips were jerking and twisting every way, but he stayed glued to my cock. I watched his cock bounce around, the eye staring right at me. It was so close to my body, right in sight between my legs. I got so horny, I said no to myself, over and over while he sucked, but I couldn’t deny it. I reached down while he was sucking as far as I could and grabbed his cock and pressed it hard against my ass. He stopped and looked at me and gave me a crooked smile, a drunken smile. “oh yeah, he said, oh yeah. He stood up straight and spit on his hand and rubbed it on his dick and did it again and rubbed it on my ass. I was literally trembling now, no lie, but I was also so fucking horny. He bent down and started to move his cockhead back and forth on my anus. What a feeling. I did not know it could feel that good down there. I moaned a little and he said “oh yeah” again and pressed it harder against my hole. He kept the pressure up more and more and I could feel every bit of it. I was holding my breath now and leaking pre-cum on my belly. Then I felt my anus open, it hurt lots for a second then I felt him slip in just a little and stop. “Ok, he said, is that ok? I said yes, he asked me if I liked it, I felt a little funny, but still more horny than anything and said yes again. “You want more, he said” Damn him I thought, whats he want? “yes” I said again, and he moved his hips a little and I felt more of him slide in. “Ok, ok I said” cause it started to feel a little to big and to much. He stopped, stroked my legs, and rubbed my belly, But kept his hips still. Then after a minute of feeling me up, which felt super good, he started slowly stroking me with his cock. At first it was kinda uncomfortable, but he didn’t go faster or deeper and pretty soon that feeling went away and as I watched his body and looked down at mine, my spread legs, flat belly and hard cock, I started to get really aroused again. He noticed and kept up the same pace and then reached down with both hands and pulled gently on my nipples while he was humping my ass. I felt the beginning of that climb to orgasm, getting stronger and stronger, closer and closer. He noticed, and began to pinch my nipples harder, which felt even better. Then he started to talk again. ” I’m going to fuck you good”, you like big cock” I was breathing heavy now, watching where our bodies joined, full of heat. He said it again,”you like big cock”? Yes I said gasping for breath, “yes I like big cock” and I started to cum, spurting all over my body, my chest and my belly. I came for a full minute and Mike came right behind me plunging all the way inside me and holding himself there as the spasms took him. This is a true story, not embellished, in fact a lot left out. It was in Cantung Mine in the late 70’s. I had sex with Mike 2 more times, one of them underground in the mine where I gave him a blowjob after we finished our work. I also had anal sex 3 times with the shiftboss on my crew, who was married, but getting it on with Mike also. The last time I had sex with Mike was in the Watson Lake Hotel on our way home. We had both quit and stayed the night in Watson. I came three times that night and had anal sex for the last time in the morning with him on top. I never came again, hands free like I did that first time having anal sex. My boss had a big dick, really. Mike was 6 1/2 inches. I never had sex with a guy after Cantung.

Pressured in a restroom

Thursday, August 7th, 2014

I was a 19 yr old guy who was naive and stupid. I was kicked out of my parents home because i was angry with them.I parked at the rest area on the tollway near my home and slept in the car at night in the parking lot.. I was using the toilet in a stall & i saw a hole in between the toilets .. ? hmm i thought what the fuck is this ? guess i led a sheltered life ..

I bent down and as i looked threw i saw a 35 yr old executive jerking his penis..i sat back up immediately with a astonished look on my face. i almost laughed out loud as i couldn’t believe what i was seeing i had to bend over and look again.. in a matter of seconds i was getting horny. I couldn’t believe people actually did this in a public place. This just isn’t done !! People don’t do this sort of thing. The other man noticed i was looking and bent down to look threw the hole at me and even tried to look me in the eye. This frightened me I didn’t want to be discovered. i looked away and leaned back.. to ashamed to admit i was looking .. this went on back and forth him trying to seemed and me peeking at him. Peek lean back look away, ignore, peek at him.. as i got hard i worked up the courage to let him see me hard..Peek lean back look away, ignore, show it hard peek..

Then without warning he poked a finger threw the hole at me !!! ?? what does this mean ? i thought to my self ?? does he expect me to put my penis in there !!? ! No Way !! guys don’t do that !!!

Then without thinking i thought ” your so brave YOU DO IT” !! … as i poked my finger threw at him who does he think I am. Then just as suddenly….. he stood up and his 8 in dick was coming threw the hole at me !!!

i froze.. my legs began shaking.. i tried to hold them still with my hands.. but they shook with fear.. he began to whisper “come on come on.!!” insisting .. “YOU ASKED FOR IT… COME ON !! ”

I felt guilty and scared so i thought Hey you may never have a chance to see a dick up this close again.. so i began to look closely at it smelling it ..I touched it. My mind was racing,. my legs shaking, I thought ” I finally have a once and a lifetime chance, and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW”. But then he started whispering “come on .. come on.. you are here because this is what you want it”

So. I did what i was told and put my lips on him licking lightly .. so excited yet so scared .. then i took him in.. i didn’t know what to do and he just pumped my mouth. I did a lousy job because i didn’t know what to do. . I felt like crying but i was also excited. .then i heard him start to moan and he exploded and i began to choke. He pumped and pumped as I gagged . I swallowed and was crying from not being able to catch my breath and gagging as he said ” Yeah boy Yeah !! ”

Then I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out the door I ran to my car and hid on the floor In the back seat of my car so afraid he would want me to do it again or his friends.

Married Guy Seduced by a Gay Guy Using Drugs

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

I am married, kids, the whole bit. Quite happy but have a gay side that is frustrated by being good. What I mean by that is that like many guys, I am happy where I am, but to be truthful, I also want to have gay sex but cannot because I am married. A lot of guys are in this situation…and we all know it. About a year back I was traveling to a different city, and searched Craigslist to see if anyone wanted to get naked, watch some pron and jerk off. That was all I was willing to do. I searched Craigslist because I had been fantasizing about getting naked and jerking off with a guy as a way of satisfying my gay side but still being faithful so to speak (no sex so no worries right!). Just to explain the fantasizing…although i found my spouse sexy and liked to make luv 2 her….i also wanted to take a cock up the ass and to suck it and be gay…..cannot say why….but really…really…thought about it…….so….happy but tension….back to the trip away….I responded to a posting where a guy was looking for another to party and play. I actually did not know what that meant. I know now that party means to do some drugs to get high and then the play (meaning sex) follows. In fact I emailed a guy who had another posting to find out what party and play meant. I emailed the guy with the party and play posting and we exchanged pics. He was not bad looking. I made it clear that I was only wanting to get naked, watch some porn and jerk of and he seemed fine with that. I was already drunk and a bit high from 420 when I did this….I could not make such plans when sober……I went over to his place, and he wanted me to try a hard drug. I don’t feel like saying what it was but I tried it and was not impressed at first, but I can say now that I did not appreciate at all how it was affecting me. I had drank before I went there and did some 420, and I think being drunk impaired my ability to feel how the drug was affecting me….back to the story….We were in a computer room, watching some gay porn and doing the drug. We were touching a bit, but nothing to worry about. I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the porn which was making me aroused. After probably half an hour of this he said why don’t we go to the bedroom. I was high enough that I said sure. We did and he moved his computer there so that we could continue to watch gay porn. He also had a TV in his room with a DVR and put a gay porn disk in. There I was, kneeling naked on his bed, watching two screens of guys fucking each other, I mean hot gay anal porn, doing a hard drug for the first time. I was kinda expecting the drug to really get me wasted but I was still thinking (or so I thought).

I was kneeling on the bed…doing the drug…massaging my cock…with great lube he had…..watching two screens with guys taking it up the ass…and the drug was really making me high…so….watching the two screens of porn really became sexy and more real and more arousing and i was playing with myself really aroused….and i took some lube and was also lubing my ass…my spinctor…and my cheeks…my whole ass….and there i was…really high….and sexy and hot and naked on my knees watching gay porn and playing with my cock with one hand and my ass with the other….and behind me…laying with his shoulders against the headboard of the bed…was the guy getting me high…the guy i made it clear 2 i was unwilling to have sex with that all i was willing to do was to get naked, watch some porn, and jerk ourselves off…total safety…my clear limit and lines….anyway that guy…the guy getting me high on a new drug….was also taking the drug and getting high and he was also watching the really good and sexy gay porn…and feeling hot and sexy…and there i was in front of him…ass to him facing the porn screens….playing with my cok with one hand and my ass with the other…moving my hips in sexual arousal…..and he found…my ass and its motions really arousing and hot…and he found me playing with myself and being high….and vulnerable….and vulnerable…and vulnerable…arousing…and…we had run out of drug and he called his friend to bring some over…..mmmmm

….so his friend comes over…i pay for some more…and he gives it….and he gets naked and he and my host suck each other in the 69 position…and the guest is quite good looking…and that is really hot and turns me on more….both the sexiness of the friend and him and my friend sucking each other off….the friend gets dressed….my host and i are still naked…..and i am given a pill and told it is a herbal viagra….i take it and swallow it ….and i swear it was only after that that…after i swallowed it…..that it occurred to me that that was a really really really stupid thing to do. The problem was is that I was already drunk and high (but not realizing how high because I was drunk) and i just did it….the friend leaves and my host and i continue to watch porn while we do some more of the drug….getting higher and higher…

….i am so aroused getting high and watching the porn of guys taking it up the ass….i keep looking at my host who was not bad looking when i arrived and is looking better and better and better… i get higher and higher…also from the pill i took which was not a herbal viagra…don’t know what it was……and i tell him i would suck his cock if he had a condom….he tells me he has no condums….wow i find that hard to believe but i had 3 and so i put one over his balls (bit the head off the condum and worked it down his cok 2 do that) and one on his cok…and i start sukin it….it is really wide but no long so i think he is not erect…i think now he was but i was just not realizing his cok was thick but short….anyway…i am suking it and he wants to suk mine…like 69…so i put the last condum on and we are kinda 69 but i am on my knees kneeling down to suk his cock…really found it hot and…with his cock in my mouth…i am looking at his balls…and the curve of his ass…and really…really…getting aroused because i was so high and did not realize it….

….so I said i would like to take his cock up my…ass…put some lube on and sat on his cock…and that was sooo…hot …because i was sooo….high…..and he fucked me in several positions…..doggy style…on my back….on my side…wish his cok had been longer but hot all the same….

….then…he took the condom…off…when it was clear i would not fuck him without a condom he sent me back to my hotel…..i felt psychically like shit for a couple of days…not sure what drugs i was detoxing from…..and then left it for awhile….now and again when drunk fantasizing….other times horrified. And her I am posting it because it is both hot and horrible. What bugged me after is that there was no way i would suck and be fucked if i was not high and i simply did not see it coming but at the same time agreed to get high so….guilty and not guilty. But that was really unfair to give me a pill and lie to me about it once I was already completely high. I loved being seduced by him. I hope to be seduced more like this.

Boyfriend with another Man

Friday, July 13th, 2012

You hear people talk about how guys always fantasize about seeing two girls together, but I have had the same fantasy for a long time. When my boyfriend is fucking me I often visualize him sucking a cock or getting fucked in his ass while I watch. My fantasy is watching my boyfriend with another man. Thinking about this makes me cum so fast that I have to slow my mind so I don’t explode before he does. It started out me dreaming of him getting his cock sucked by a school girl in uniform while I watched, then I imagined him fucking her from behind while I ate her pussy. Now the fantasies of him sucking a cock have taken on a whole new form.

The thought of watching him get fucked hard in his ass makes me want to cum right now. I want to see him scream in pain as he has a huge cock shoved hard in his ass. I want to watch as he swallows a huge cock down his throat and then gulps the whole load, swallowing every last drop. I think of having my boyfriend fuck me while another guy fucks me in the ass too, that is another fantasy that makes me so horny I can’t think. But the one that really turns me on and makes me crazy is visualizing my boyfriend pulling another man’s pants down, slowly sucking on that guys cock and then bending over so the man can slip his hard cock right into my boyfriend ass.

Maybe I am abnormal but if I ever could get my boyfriend to do that, I would. I often dream of setting him up to be raped in the ass so I can watch. I am so turned on by this thought that it consumes me and makes me want to fuck all the time. My pussy is wet just thinking about it now.