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Pressured in a restroom

I was a 19 yr old guy who was naive and stupid. I was kicked out of my parents home because i was angry with them.I parked at the rest area on the tollway near my home and slept in the car at night in the parking lot.. I was using the toilet in a stall & i saw a hole in between the toilets .. ? hmm i thought what the fuck is this ? guess i led a sheltered life ..

I bent down and as i looked threw i saw a 35 yr old executive jerking his penis..i sat back up immediately with a astonished look on my face. i almost laughed out loud as i couldn’t believe what i was seeing i had to bend over and look again.. in a matter of seconds i was getting horny. I couldn’t believe people actually did this in a public place. This just isn’t done !! People don’t do this sort of thing. The other man noticed i was looking and bent down to look threw the hole at me and even tried to look me in the eye. This frightened me I didn’t want to be discovered. i looked away and leaned back.. to ashamed to admit i was looking .. this went on back and forth him trying to seemed and me peeking at him. Peek lean back look away, ignore, peek at him.. as i got hard i worked up the courage to let him see me hard..Peek lean back look away, ignore, show it hard peek..

Then without warning he poked a finger threw the hole at me !!! ?? what does this mean ? i thought to my self ?? does he expect me to put my penis in there !!? ! No Way !! guys don’t do that !!!

Then without thinking i thought ” your so brave YOU DO IT” !! … as i poked my finger threw at him who does he think I am. Then just as suddenly….. he stood up and his 8 in dick was coming threw the hole at me !!!

i froze.. my legs began shaking.. i tried to hold them still with my hands.. but they shook with fear.. he began to whisper “come on come on.!!” insisting .. “YOU ASKED FOR IT… COME ON !! ”

I felt guilty and scared so i thought Hey you may never have a chance to see a dick up this close again.. so i began to look closely at it smelling it ..I touched it. My mind was racing,. my legs shaking, I thought ” I finally have a once and a lifetime chance, and NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW”. But then he started whispering “come on .. come on.. you are here because this is what you want it”

So. I did what i was told and put my lips on him licking lightly .. so excited yet so scared .. then i took him in.. i didn’t know what to do and he just pumped my mouth. I did a lousy job because i didn’t know what to do. . I felt like crying but i was also excited. .then i heard him start to moan and he exploded and i began to choke. He pumped and pumped as I gagged . I swallowed and was crying from not being able to catch my breath and gagging as he said ” Yeah boy Yeah !! ”

Then I quickly pulled up my pants and ran out the door I ran to my car and hid on the floor In the back seat of my car so afraid he would want me to do it again or his friends.

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