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Bad blowjob story from Athens, Alabama

Monday, February 28th, 2011

I am going to share a bad blowjob secret that I never shared with anyone. I was going out with this girl about three years ago in Athens, Alabama whom I met on adultfriend site. So, one afternoon while I was lying on my back she started going down on me. I didn’t resist, I actually liked it. After a little bit she looked up at me and moved her leg over my head so I could work on her. She was 11 years younger than me and I was experienced in pleasing girls. So, I thought I would try something different and just used my lips and rubbed her pussy very rapidly. This worked a little better than I thought it was going to and she had a huge orgasm which turned me on even more. But as she started to get off she bit down hard and my penis. I still have teeth marks to prove it.