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The dog ate me

Saturday, November 6th, 2010

This secret is when I live in Boucherville, Quebec, but now I moved to Waterloo. Anyways, one day I was making cookies at home and really got horny for some reasons horny. I was 16 at the time and love sex. No one else was home but my brother’s golden lab dog. He loved cookie dough and kept jumping up to taste it. On a whim, I raised my sundress up and slid my panties off and spread some cookie dough on my privates, letting him lick off. Of course I was sitting off the kitchen floor leaning on the dishwasher. I have never had such an extreme orgasm in my life. It was really superb. I had like 6 orgasms in 3 minutes. He tried to hump me, I guess after the smell of my juices, but I never let him go that far. I have always wondered though. Of course I had a shower and cleaned myself up. I always wanted to share that secret and now I have.