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Fun with a girl in the school bus

Sunday, September 23rd, 2018

I was coming back on a long bus ride for a school field trip. Almost everyone was sitting up front and the bus was not full at all. I decided to go lay down in the back. I was there for a while when another girl also came back and said “you read my mind” laid down in the seat in front of me with her head towards the window and legs curled up towards her chest. This caused her butt to be very exposed. She was also wearing tight black spandex tights revealing every curve. This caused me to get very excited, which is strange because I have not been turned on by many other girls before.

After a while I decided to get daring and I reached out and gently stroked her in her hair and then slowly traced downwards. She did not move at all and I assumed she was asleep, so I proceeded to continue gently stroking very gently. Then when we would hit a bump in the road I would keep my finger still and let her body grind against it. This kept up for about a half an hour and then I noticed her toes curling and she gave out a low long moan like someone just awakening. I quickly laid back down just as she was sitting up, and then she turned back towards me and said, “hey we are almost back to school.” I pretended to be asleep until I heard her lay back down. I though about what I had just done the rest of the way back. And still wonder to this day if she was truly asleep or not. I didn’t know her then and still don’t know her name.