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Incest with brother

Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

When I was 16 our family was taking a trip to Niagara Falls. My brother brought his girlfriend home to meet our parents and she came with us. Since – at the time they were not married my parents would not allow my brother and his girlfriend to sleep together. So her, my sister and my parents stayed in one room of our hotel and my brother and I stayed in another. It was no big deal as we had always shared a room all our lives since my sister was the only girl. The only difference here was we had to share a bed too. Now at the time we did not know that my brother and sister were my mom’s kids from her first marriage. I say this because growing up my brother and I would compare our dicks to see who had the bigger one. My brother is very well endowed and I would ask him when mine would get as big as his. We never touched each other…until the 3rd night of the trip. My brother was lying in bed complaining how horny he was and his girlfriend was in the other room. Ever since we were kids I wanted to touch is cock because it was so big but never did. I could see my brother erection under the covers it was like a little tent pole. I wanted so much to touch that hard dick and see what it felt like. I had wacked of plenty but my dick was just not as big as my brothers. I don’t know what made me do it but I reached over and took that big beautiful cock in my hand and started to stroke it. My heart was beating a mile a minute I was sure my brother was going to punch me. He didn’t he threw off the covers and put his hands behind his head and let me play with is dick and balls. Neither one of said anything. Finally I asked him if I could turn the light on because I wanted to see him cum. He didn’t say anything so I turned on the light next to the bed and started to jack off that huge lovely cock. It didn’t take long before my brother blew his load all over his stomach and chest. I was amazed at the amount of cum. I stroked him slowly making sure it all came out. I asked him if he enjoyed it he just said it always felt better when someone else did. I told him i liked it and would do it again if he wanted me to. For the last two nights of the trip he let me jack him off. He didn’t come out and say play with me or anything he asked me if I wanted to have fun. Both nights he asked me to suck him as well I said I would but he had to tell me when he was going to cum because I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. Now I’m not gay but after that I never passed on the chance to give my brother a blow job and he never turned me down when i would ask. I guess it was a weird form of penis envy or something. When he came home for Christmas that year I let him cum in my mouth as a Christmas gift.