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My Secrets of Fucking my Best Friend’s Husband

Monday, July 30th, 2012

I have a secret I have never told anyone. My best friend and I had been out drinking one night and afterwards we went back to her place. I was too drunk to drive and I knew my boyfriend would be mad at me for staying out so late anyway. Wanting to avoid a fight, I decided I would crash on her couch. Well, backing up a bit, my friend was married to this really gorgeous guy. I had always had my secrets about him and how it would be to be with him, but I never acted on it because the girl was my best friend.

It just so happens she was a little more drunk than I was and wound up going straight to her room and passing out. Her husband was sitting on the couch that I was to be sleeping on, playing video games. I sat there patiently waiting for him to wrap it up and go to bed, but instead he paused the game and looked over at me. He said I looked sexy in my little skirt. I didn’t know what to do, my head was spinning and I knew my friend was out like a light. I wanted him so bad and had for so long that the tension was building up. I think he knew my secrets and that he wanted just what I did.

It all happened so fast that I cannot even remember all of the details but one moment I am sitting on the couch next to him and the next I am riding his cock. I seem to recall he reached over and grabbed me by my arm, pulling him closer to me. I remember him kissing me hard and ripping my panties off, then I just remember how good it felt as I sat on his hard cock and it slid into me, deeper and deeper. He was so big and so hard and I just moved up and down on him as his cock was buried deep within me. I felt him quiver and then he grabbed my waist, pulling me down tight to him as he blew his load of hot cum right into me. After that, it happened quite a few more times. In fact, we fucked every chance we got.