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Handjob Confession of a Young Babysitter

Tuesday, July 3rd, 2012

While it has been quite a few years since I babysat for a living, the memories of some of the things I did while babysitting still make me cringe just a little inside. I wasn’t your run of the mill “good girl” and probably wasn’t the best babysitter either. But, I was well liked by the dads, so to speak. I remember having such a crush on older men at the time and many times I was unable to control my flirting. Most of the time, I was simply flirting and had no intention of really going through with anything. However, there was one occasion in which I was taken off-guard by a perfectly willing participant.

I had a couple I babysat for almost every weekend and of course had the biggest crush on the husband. Most of the time he would drive me home after the couple arrived back from wherever they had been. One night, as we were riding in the car, I became bold and put my hand on his leg. At first he seemed a bit shocked but then he pulled the car over and just grinned at me. I was a little nervous because I was really not prepared for what came next, no pun intended.

Looking back on the situation, I don’t think he ever really intended to cheat on his wife, not by his definition anyway. Once the car came to a stop he leaned over and kissed me. Before long he had his hands all over me and we were making out right there on the side of the road! I must have had some idea that this would be “romantic” when I started it but instead I wound up giving my very first handjob, and then it was over as quickly as it started.

Needless to say this is when I realized that playing with fire might in fact get me burned. This was the night I learned to play with boys my own age. After this night I never babysat for that couple again, In fact, this might have been the last time I babysat for anyone!