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Kinky experience at the university

Wednesday, September 5th, 2018

At the university I found an email address on a ladies bathroom stall wall. I emailed it without expecting any response but to my surprise, I got replies. And a couple of emails later we were set to meet in a private bathroom at the library upstairs. He was a young international student. He jerked me a bit under the stall just as we talked of doing before we decided to go to his place.

He couldn’t speak English that well but soon I had him naked and was fingering his ass and used a butt plug. The oddest thing was that he wanted to use little bit of sriracha sauce with KY because it was spicy. He filled a syringe with it and injected it up his butt. Before you know it, I was fucking his ass with the toothpaste covering the condom. Weird but I did shoot on his face several minutes later. We met a few more times after that and did some other bizarre kinky things.