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Giving blowjob at a party in Indiana

Friday, December 23rd, 2011

My first time of giving a guy a blowjob was very intense. I was 19 and attending college in Indiana. One Friday night wound up at a party with my friends. I was hanging around with some guys and one of my friends told me to follow her. We went into a back room and she started to suck this guy off. Seeing her giving him blowjob turned me on. One of his friends came in to room and we began making out. We were drunk, in case you haven’t figured that out yet. He pulled my shirt off leaving me in my bra so I took his shirt off and started rubbing him over his pants. To my surprise, he held up a pair of handcuffs and asked me if I wanted to wear them. I felt adventurous and I said sure. Even before i realized, I found myself cuffed behind my back. We kissed and he pushed me down to his penis. I have him deep throat blowjob. He was steering my head shoving in and out, it was amazing. He thought he was huge but I’d say if he was 6″ he was lucky. Hence the deep throat because he was not reaching the back of my throat. He came rather quickly in my mouth, I swallowed and he left me in the room, still cuffed. It was really intense and let’s says it was not the last time my hands have been cuffed behind my back.