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I love being watched when pleasing myself

Sunday, June 24th, 2012

My secret is that I absolutely love being watched. I recently was in our living room and could see the hydro meter reader guy walking from house to house. We live in Washington. I am not sure what came on to me but I completely undressed and went to our bedroom downstairs in the basement. I opened the curtains and lay on the bed in the room. I was laying there rubbing myself legs open and fully exposing myself when I heard the latch on the gate open. I actually got more turned on and was grabbing my breasts and enjoying myself. I could see the reader walk around the side of the house; he stopped and stared for a few moments. I wish he had stayed longer but I think he was afraid to get caught and moved on. If he stayed there I might have had a Ashley Madison just to fulfill a fantasy.

The next time I might be bold enough to not only let someone watch me, but maybe even help me out. If that man had stood there longer and shown n interest in watching me, I might have let him in to finish me off by fucking me. I want to see a man’s cock get hard as I am being watched, and I am sure if that happened I would want that cock inside of me.