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Sex with girlfriend’s mom

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

I had sex with my girlfriend’s Mom. The mom has season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs and was interested if I wanted to go along. It was only me and the Mom, the girlfriend told me to go and have a good time. Anyway halfway through the game the Mom gets out a blanket and ask if I want to share it. I said OK and within the next 5 minutes she;’s rubbing my cock through my jeans. I can not longer stand-up for kickoffs or third downs because of my erection. I returned the petting (above the clothing) and this continued for sometime. In the third quarter she asks me if I wanted to leave early, I said said OK, and so I take her home. We got to her house (no touching in the car) and she ask me in, Within 10 seconds of closing the front door, she was unbuttoning my pants and getting on her knees. Things progressed from there. Needless to say I feel guilty but I couldn’t say no.