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First time giving my boyfriend a blowjob

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

My confession is that when I was 17 I gave my 3rd real boyfriend the first blow job of my life when I was living in New Westminster. I had kissed guys down there and given hand job many times, but nothing more than that. Never had oral or never had actual sex. On this particular night, I decided to surprise him. I decided I was going to go for it and give him the first blowjob of my life along with my talented handjob. We were in the back of his truck, with plenty of room. We went through the routine of kissing, feeling my breasts over my shirt, squeezing my breasts under my shirt, then feeling me under my pants, feeling him into his pants. After getting hot doing those things I unbuttoned his pants, took out his penis, sat cross-legged on the seat and went down on him. He let me give him the blowjob for a few minutes and then said he wanted to have sex, but I told him I wanted to give him blow job and can use my talented hand. I also told him this was the first time I have taken a penis in my mouth. He seemed disappointed for a second but that changed soon as I felt how excited he got within few seconds when I took him in my mouth again. God, I must have been terrible blowjob giver, it went on forever. I kept stop giving him blow job and then give him hard hand job then again blowjob it continued for a while. My jaw was hurting so bad, but I didn’t want to give up. Eventually, I did get him to cum, the first spurt was in mouth, which I swallowed, after which I pulled him out of my mouth and he came on my hand and his leg. I was so proud of myself and he was so happy! That was my first ever giving someone blowjob but certainly not the last.

I have come to enjoy giving blow jobs and my hand jobs are more talented (my husband says I give the hottest hand jobs), the pleasure it provides, and I love the feeling of my husband’s throbbing penis as he is cumming in my mouth or on me. I have learned how to swallow it and enjoy it.