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Jerk off in front of girls from the neighbourhood

Saturday, September 22nd, 2012

I moved into a small row house in South Philly almost 3 years ago. The neighborhood is mixed race and mostly poverty level families here. My devorce left me broke and this house is all I could afford. I’m 38 and have a decent job but have only had sex with one woman since my wife dumped me. I work hard 5 days a week and didn’t have the time or the money to go out trying to pick up girls. The first 6 months I lived here I was like a hermit and the only sex I had was with my hand. I’m not sure why but I just began staying naked all the time and I often masturbated twice the same night and forget about it on weekends where I would jerk of 6 or 7 times.

Then one Saturday afternoon there was a knock on my door, I put on a robe and when I answered the door there was a heavy set older asian woman telling me her daughter and a few other girls saw me naked. She didn’t give me much time to say anything but finally I was able to say I didn’t know and that I was sorry and then without thinging about it told her I was a nudist. I shortly found out that her daughter never told her she saw me naked but her mother overheard her and her friends talking about it. It was the following Friday night when someone was knocking again. This time it was the daughter and another girl who was a white girl. I was naked as usual and only opened the door enough to see her. When the mother was here the previous week she left the impression that her daughter was a young child. When I saw the daughter and other girl I knew right away they were both about 20 years old. What she said suprized me because she apoligized that her mother came to my house and then bluntly asked if I was a nudist. I responded that I was and then she told me that she and three other girls had been spying on me for months. She openly told me that they can see into my house from the alley between my house and my next door neighbors house.

This asian girl was very brash whereas the white girl never said a word. She could only see my face and asked me my name telling me her name was Sara and her friend was Kimmy. Then she ask me if I was naked. I hesitated a moment or so and admitted I was. I think I told them I was sorry they saw me naked but she interruped and said it was ok and they liked to peek in at me. I didn’t even realize it right away but I had a raging hard on just talking to her. I was even more aroused when she informed me that she and the other girls saw me masturbating a few times but she used the words jerk off. Thats when I became dispicable and said if they didn’t mind seeing me naked I would let them come inside. Neither of these girls is very pretty but the thought of exposing myself became exciting. All she said before they came in was to ask if I had anything to drink.

When they walked in I still had a bit of an erection but it had subsided a little. For the first time Kimmy talked and told me I had a nice body for an older man. By the time I got to the kitchen to get them a beer I had a full erection again. I offered them to sit down and something I had never down before, I just stood there letting them look at me nude with a hard on. As we talked I found out the Asian girl is 19 and the white girl is 22. We talked for a long time and eventually my penis went limp and Sara informed me how she watched it go down and only smiled about it.

Before they left I told Sara she and her friend was welcome anytime even telling her when I get home from work and that I am home on weekends most of the time. As soon as they were gone I masturbated. When I got up Saturday morning I went into the alley and over to the living room window where I coud see into my living room at the bottom of the window. The alley is cluttered with 2×4’s and other peices of wood that belong to my neighbor who is an older man that I still don’t know very well. It was a full week before Sara came back, about 8pm Friday night. This time Kimmy was with her again but also another white girl named Rose. Of course I was naked and never hesitated to let them in and give them a beer.

Kimmy and Rose are fairly quiet and don’t say much but Sara is the oppisite. They were here for about two hours and the only thing Rose asked me is why I am naked all the time. I just repeated what I told Sara’s mother that I was a nudist and added that I liked being naked. Sara never shut up the whole time and about 20 minutes before they left asked me if I would jerk off for them. She added the fact that I had an erection off and on since they first came in. The only other female to ever see me jerk off was my¬†ex wife. I took hand lotion out and put old newspaper on the floor and masturbate in front of them. I had no embarrassment doing it and I enjoyed how they were intently watching me and smiling the whole time. I tried not to cum right away but within a minute or so I ejaculated. The following week I met Rita who is white and obviously Italian decent. Out of the four of them Rita is the most attractive one but even she is not what I consider pretty. Within only a few weeks I had turned into an exibitionist. If they were willing to come into my house, knowing I am naked, I decided to take full advantage of it. None of them dressed very nice and they never wear anthing I considered sexy but the thought of them seeing me naked got me aroused everytime and I began masturbating for them everytime they were here.

They usually come over for sure once a week, generally on Friday nights. Sometimes two or three would come over on Saturday but I never knew for sure when they would come. After about a year Sara brought another girl who is a light skinned black girl. Once again not at all pretty and very heavy also. I often hinted to have one of them jerk me off and after a year or so Sara is the only one who will do it. When they come on Frdays I always have pizza and beer for them and I am always naked when they come in. Kimmy and Rose have gotten more talkative. I let them ask me anything and have become so comfortable being naked in front of them I lay in my recliner and move myself around even exposing my anus to them. Sometimes Rita will touch my penis and testicals but she still refuses to masturbate me. Sara seems to like doing it and and makes fun of me as she does. She squirts the lotion on me and rubs it on my scrotum and penis before she actually jerks me off. She’ll ask me if I’m going to cum and stop for a short time before she has me ejaculate.

I never did anything like this and can’t believe how I have become so immodest. I am basically humiliating myself in front of these girls but I get so aroused when they see me naked. By the time I jerk off or have Sara masturbate me the amount of semen I ejaculate is not normal. Sara has told me she never saw a guy have so much cum in him. I know she has a boyfriend but doubt if she ever mentions me to him. When Sara jerks me off I lay back in the recliner bend up my knees and open my legs as much as I can. I do this just to fully expose myself to whoever the other girls are here that given night. They stand or sit all around me and just watching them look at me turns me on. Its something that should humiliate me or at least embarrass me a little but the only feeling I get is arousal. Another thing I can’t figure is if these girls think I am such a perv why would they keep coming every week. I know its not just for the pizza and beer so they must like seeing me naked and seeing me masturbate. They are all around the same age but Sara is the youngest. She is also the most outspoken one and I think she must like jerking me off. This is not something I can talk about with my friends or family and I’d be very ashamed if any of them found out what I have been doing. They would think of me as a pervert and to an extent I guess I am. I have absolutely no modesty around these girls and Rose often asks me to show them my anus. How humiliating would that be but to me its just another way to expose myself from the back of me.

Another thing I do sometimes is let them watch me pee which oddly enough was Kimmy’s idea. Thats only been going on for about 6 months. I only said I had to go pee the one night and thats when Kimmy asked to watch. Sara and Rose were here that night also so all three followed me to the bathroom. Again, no embarrassment as they watched me. As sick in the head that I think I am sometimes I don’t think these girls are wrapped to tight either.