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Teacher and Student affair

Monday, November 14th, 2016

This story starts when I was in my last year of high school and I was just about to break away from school and into the adult world. I was in my English class one day and listening to my hot teacher, Ms. Lita talk to us about how the studies of English would help us through our lives. I could see it but many others said that it was bull shit.

So; when class was over, I stayed behind because I wanted to tell Ms. Lita how I felt about her. Ever since she came to the school a few months ago, I had a huge crush on her and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She had nice longish black hair, bright blue eyes, a lovely body and she was really funny too. She had the whole package of hot and awesome. We got on together a lot as well, I thought that we were meant to be.

So; after class was over I went up to her and started talking about the usual stuff about what I’m going to do after high school and all that but I wanted to say more. I wanted to say that I liked or even loved her but I wasn’t sure if the feeling would be returned. I was afraid but I wanted to say it.

After the usual talk I came out with it and said. “Ms. Lita; I… really like you.” I said and I felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest.

“Oh… Sam… I.” Ms. Lita said. I knew I stepped over a line by telling her. I felt like an idiot and I couldn’t handle what she was about to say. I had the rejection talk plenty of times and I didn’t want to hear it again.

“Um… sorry Ms. Lita… I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry, I’ll go.” I said feeling like a complete idiot.

“No wait.” Ms. Lita said.

I grabbed my bag and went for the door but she grabbed my arm and stopped me before I opened the door.

“I feel the same way.” Ms. Lita said.

At that moment; it was like all of time stood still and everything outside of the room meant nothing. It was just her and me in the entire world and nothing else mattered.

“You do?” I asked.

“Yes; ever since my first lesson teaching you.” Ms. Lita said. My mind was swimming now with the thought of our Shakespearean type relationship. A teacher and a student relationship, doomed to fail but with hope it would survive.

“Oh god, I love you.” I said as I dropped my bag and took her in my arms.

Ms. Lita wrapped her legs around me and we started kissing each other with a passion. It was so hot and yet so taboo but I didn’t care. I loved her and nobody could stop my love for her.

I set Ms. Lita on the desk and we started taking our clothes off of each other. My shirt and pants came off in a flash as Ms. Lita took off her clothes just as fast as I. In only a moment; we were down to nothing but out skin and we bathed in the beauty of each others body. She had beautiful boobs and they were better than I ever imagined them, and felt even better also.

We didn’t have a condom but we didn’t really care at that moment. Through prior sexual experiences, I was very good and confident that I could pull out in time and not knock her up. We were both clean as well so that was a plus.

I guided myself into Ms. Lita (lets call her by her given name shall we – a little easier I guess. Not her real name though.) So; I guided my way into Lilly and that first penetration felt so good after the long wait we had both had together. The tension between us was finally broken and we were free now. I know I was still a student and that this act was illegal but we were quiet about it.

I started gently thrusting into Lilly and she bounced back and forth matching my thrusts. I pumped and pumped and had gotten gently quicker as time went on. She felt so good inside; so wet and tight that I never wanted to sleep with another woman ever again. She was perfect, we were perfect together. Luckily; she was not that older than I was. Just older by 3 years but with her looks, she looked just like one of the school students.

We made a little noise with our moans and groans but tried to keep quiet. Lucky for us; no classes were around to hear us and the walls were thick so noise couldn’t go through so well unless we had gotten too noisy.

After a few minutes on the table, I picket Lilly up and we went all over the class room and made love. I pinned her up against the white board and accidentally rubbed off some of the work she had written but we didn’t care. It wasn’t something important to us. Then we rolled around a little and went to the door where she fucked me against it. We had forgotten to lock the door so with a quick thought, I locked the door and continued on.

We ended up on the floor next and she was on top of me in cowgirl position and humping me. It felt so good that I believe it was the connection that we had that made our love making so much better. That and especially since that act we were doing was taboo in every ones eyes. If we were caught; Lilly would loose her job and I don’t know what would happen to me. I would probably be called that guy that slept with his high school teacher but I didn’t want to be known as that. Our relationship was like that of Romeo and Juliet, forbidden and yet so right.

As time went on with the love we were making; we looked into each others eyes and had a momentarily telepathic connection I guess. We looked into each others eyes and said. ‘I love you.’

We could feel ourselves growing to our orgasms so I did the polite thing and took care of the end for us both. Knowing how to please a woman was something I was good at and took up to see as the right thing to do.

I picked up Lilly and we went back to her desk were I could thrust into her in missionary position again. I set her down and went to work with fucking her in a nice steady speed that was eventually rising.

Our moans became louder but we had to be quiet. We didn’t want to get caught but we would if we weren’t quiet.

Lily grabbed onto my arms as her orgasm was rising and I sped up now to drive her all the way to her climax. It looked like too much for her but she nodded to me that it was fine and to go on. We had such a connection that we thought alike.

Lily moaned out but quickly quietened herself and fighting against moaning. Then it happened. Lily came on my penis and she went into a frenzy of bliss as her orgasm rippled through her body causing her to jerk and thrust up and down all over the place. I felt so much happen then. Her pussy clamped down and felt like it was milking me; her lags and hand gripped me in such a way that I thought I would break but I didn’t stop. To please her was what I wanted and from what I could tell, I did a good job at that.

Then; after she finished cumming for me, she settled and look into my eyes with such a look that I will never forget it. It said so many thinks to me like ‘thank you’ – ‘I love you’ – ‘never leave me’ and so much more sweet nothings.

I though was not done yet and Lily knew that so we changed positions. She guided me to her chair where she taught many lessons and I sat down on it with her sit on me. From the moment that I had entered her to now, I hadn’t left the warm, tight and wet hold of her pussy. It was too good.

After I sat on the seat; Lily started fucking me on it and that position was so good because we could kiss and talk. After a moment; I could feel it. The build up of my orgasm rising in me and wanting to explode out of me in into Lily. I couldn’t do that though. I couldn’t knock her up or we would be in a lot of trouble.

I looked into her eyes and she could see that I was close so she humped me harder and faster which really made me go into a frenzy also. I grabbed her ass firm but not to the point of pain I hope and thrust into Lily and met her bounce.

“I’m close.” I said as I was a few seconds away from cumming.

We fucked for a few more seconds before I couldn’t handle it anymore and she jumped off of me and knelt down to take my load. I wasn’t expecting her to take my load like that. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

She then jerked my penis in her hands and directed my penis towards her boobs and almost instantly, I came for her.

From memory; I had never had such a powerful orgasm. I came like it was the last orgasm of my entire life. It hit her boobs in such a way that it splashed back onto the chair and onto me. More cum splashed out onto Lily for some time before my own orgasm had stopped and now her entire boobs were coated with my cum. From the look on her face though, she didn’t mind the mess. She rather looked complimented by it.

After I settled from the orgasm I had just had. We sat together and just held each other for about five minutes before we moved and had to get cleaned up. I wiped the cum and sweat from me as she did the same and we talked about what we were going to do next.

We were now a couple but still; nobody would accept our relationship even if we told them about it a year or two later.

We staid together all through the end of school and so on. After school; I found a job and a place within a year. In that year though; we had to keep our relationship a secret before we could actually come out. We never told anybody about our in school-love-making-session so it was all innocent through their eyes.

This is our story. I and Lily chose to put this story here so that we could actually tell people in our own secret way (sort of). Were still together and now where soon to be married and have kids. Thanks for reading. 🙂