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Experience with cook

Thursday, December 26th, 2013

I do not know if what happened can be classed as abuse, I liked it and I wanted it.

I am male, I was an 8 year old boy in Fezz. It was a great time of my life, huge garden, fruit trees, grape vines, swimming pool, completely enclosed, warm climate I could run about almost naked, occasionally totally naked if my parents were out, never ever wore anything other than a pair of shorts, bare feet like leather anyway that was the way it was. If my parents were out for the evening the cook was responsible for seeing I had a bath and getting me into bed. The first time anything of any moment happened was bath time, I had been fiddling with my little dick and made it stiff, cook came in to check on me and as I was standing up at the time stiff willie was immediately visible. I spoke French with the servants, my Arabic was Egyptian Arabic and in Morocco the Arabic was very different. She laughed when she saw me and made some remark came over and grabbed it and waggled it a bit. I liked the feel of that and at subsequent bath times I would try to arrange to be stiff when I thought she might come in, basically I was inviting her to fell me, occasionally she did, nothing really of any consequence.

In the afternoons, my mother would have a siesta Dad would be working in the office I often hung about the kitchen in the afternoons being a pest I suppose, I know on one occasion cook took my pants down and put me over her knee, it was not a hard spank though.

The abuse/seduction whatever you would call it happened on one of these afternoons in the kitchen, Mother away for the day dad at the office and the house all quiet. Cook was sitting on a chair with me standing beside her and the maid was washing some things at the sink. I think cook must have been about 35 maid about ten years younger, something like that. Cook started to stroke my leg and I liked the feel of that but her hand was sliding higher as she stroked firstly outer thigh but then to the inner thigh moving higher until she touched it, it had got stiff during this process which I had beening enjoying and it had roused me sexually. Cook fiddled with my dick for a bit then said something in arabic to the made who laughed and came over, the maid put her hand down inside the front of my shorts and felt my arse with the other. I did not know what was happening but it felt wonderful. Cook undid my shorts which fell down round my ankles, the maid put her hands under my armpits and lifted me up so she could kick the shorts clear. Now I was totally naked with the 3 women doing things which felt wonderful to my body. Cook said in French tu veu ca, you want this, I replied oui , yes. Cook then took my cock between her finger and thumb and started to massage my cock, I did not know what she was doing then, but she was masturbating me and the feeling was fantastic, I was so sexed up I was near to collapse and started to faccl down, the maid hel me upright and cook continued to stroke it, I started to get this huge feeling between my legs and then piss shot out of my dick, cook did not stop though even though she had made me pee she continued to stroke until my orgasm was quite finished, both the women were laughing. I was completely shattered, amazed, shaken. I did not know what had happened but I knw it was a truly wonderful experience but my mind was in a whirl. The maid got a cloth to deal with the puddle on the floor and cooks moped the drips off the end of my cock and put me back in my shorts gave me a swat on the behind and told me to run off and have a swim. That was it my first orgasm and very memorable. Was it child abuse? I do not think so, I loved what they had done to me and wanted it again, Isuppose in a way I had seduced cook too.