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Gave Step Brother First Handjob

Sunday, August 19th, 2012

I am 18 now. My real dad died when I was six, he was my everything i really missed him, It really affect our life, 1 year after my dad died we had to move into this small apartment, financial problem always and everyday issue since my dad died, anyway my mother remarried when I was 12. with that I got a step brother 5 years older than me. My new dad was a great guy, he loved and cares for me, kinda replace the 6 years of hollow inside my heart, he is also very rich, me and my mom moved in to his big house, he already had expensive 3 cars when we moved in, my mom’s old accord really didn’t serve any purpose, so she sold it. Anyway few month after we moved in I notice my step brother always stares at me every time I walked around with skimpy outfit, and he always tries to catch me walking out of the bathroom to my room with towels only. I think he was thinking about me giving him a handjob.

At 12 I started budding breast and nipples. Any way one day our parents was away for a company dinner, so my step brother and I was alone watching television in his room, he started asking me about sex and genital stuff, one thing led to another I had my top off and he had his hands feeling up my breasts, and after about a minute he stood pulled out his penis standing in front of me, it was my first time to look at one, he guide my hand to touch it and showed me how to stroke it, I had no idea as it was my first handjob what’s point this activity could serve or what it could lead to, all I know he seemed pleasured by it, after about 2 minutes he told me to suck it.

I was like Euuw yuk, but looking up at him with his eyes rolled back I could see he was in some kind of ecstasy, but still i was reluctant to suck it, so I just lick around the head while keep my stroking pace, and all of the sudden he let out a loud yelp and white stuff spurts out shoot into my mouth all over my mouth, I was Really freaked out I thought I had hurt him in some way and instinctively pulled my head back, but he immediately said don’t stop stroking, so I kept on stroking, more white stuff oozes out and dripping all over my thigh and shorts this went on for about 30 second, there’s this huge white mess all over my thigh knees and shorts not no mention my mouth, I was in awe on what just happened i had no idea what to do with this mess specially the one all over my lips and mouth, it tasted salty and acidic, i did not like it very much. After cleaning up he told me what the whole process was and what it meant to him, I was still in awe but I was also getting more curious on this matter, especially the fact that I can pleasure him like that, I was proud of myself. Since then I gave him regular handjobs and blowjobs.