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First ever gay blowjob experience

Wednesday, March 14th, 2012

About a year ago I was looking through Craigslist while working out of my home. I had never placed an ad, but boredom and curiosity got the best of me. I placed an ad to see if anyone was around my area that wanted to get together, watch a movie and maybe jerk off. I didn’t really expect a legit response, who does? Within an hour a guy was heading to my house with movies in hand. I was extremely nervous, yet excited. I had never done anything like this before. He came in, we introduced ourselves and he handed me a DVD. I put it in the player; he sat on one end of the couch, me on the other. The movie started playing with 2 guys making out. It soon escalated and in no time they were stroking each other’s cocks. The two of us watching are both rubbing ourselves through our pants. Within minutes my new friend unzips his pants, pulls his cock out and starts rubbing it. I am trying to watch the movie but more and more I am watching him. He slides over near me and starts rubbing me through my clothes. I hadn’t planned on this (foolish I know), but am far too aroused to stop him. Then he unzips me and starts stroking my extremely hard naked cock. I reach over and start stroking his, doing what I like hoping he like it too. He leans in to kiss me, something I definitely had not planned on, and I kissed him back. I was so caught up in the moment, I couldn’t help but respond. I lean down and take his cock in my mouth. I’m trying to give him a good blowjob even though I’ve never done this before. He starts moaning and whisper oh yea baby while he continues to stroke me. I guess I must be doing okay. He layed down on the couch, I climb on top of him. Rubbing my cock against his and kissing him wildly. His cock begins to poke itself (with his help I now realize) near my tight virgin ass. I begin lowering myself on him, a little at a time. It hurts, but damn it feels great all the same. Within minutes I am riding him up and down while he fucks me. In no time I begin to cum. He’s not even touching my cock yet I’m shooting all over his stomach while he keeps fucking my ass. This must have set him off as he begins pumping me full of his cum. We kiss again, while his cock softens and slides out of my ass. We get up and clean ourselves. I hand him his movie, he says thanks, and is out the door. Over the past year we have gotten together 4 more times. I wonder what my wife and friends would think.