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Dom/Sub experience in Prince George

Friday, January 1st, 2016

You were waiting in the room for me as I asked you to do so. You sat on the bed positioning yourself to hopefully look appetizing the moment I lay eyes on you. You were not waiting long when I entered the room. Your heart quickened as I admired the sight. I strode over to you, stooping down to possess your mouth, resting a hand on your collar bone. My thumb circling a spot on your throat as the kiss intensified. You wanted to touch but was silently waiting for my permission as always. My grip tightened on my shoulder, creeping its way to your throat until it was firmly grasping you. I pulled you up in this manner and led you over to the door so your finishing position left me facing the door.

Take off your clothes and stay there as I put you. … I say to you.

“Yes, Sir.” you obediently responded to my command beginning to peel off your clothing. You have done this many times with me and have shared pictures of yourself naked with me before now but You still couldn’t help feeling self-conscious in my presence. You could hear me preparing something, the zips of the bag opening and closing and the jangling of metal.

You were dying to look, however You didn’t let curiosity get the better of you and remained in the stance I left you. I soon returned holding your wrists out and cuffing them each with a black strap. I then raised your arms up and secured them to the door jam. “Don’t worry baby.” My voice soothed. “Remember your safe word.” You nodded taking in your new situation. “Good girl.” I said as I kissed you softly on your up stretched arm.

I left you again only this time to come back with a hard cock brushing against your arse still wrapped up in my boxers. My hands held your hips, making them sway against me. My hands pressed up your curves, round your shoulders before cupping your breasts. your bum instinctively rubbed up and down my blood engorged cock as i kneaded your tits in sync. My hands then travelled back down your body until leaving you to remove my boxers.

A hand rested on your bum whilst my dick suddenly slipped between your thighs. Not yet entering you I rubbed myself between your soaking lips. It was torture having me so close to you and not yet inside you. You were moaning in an almost plea to at least slip into you just once to truly feel my size and girth again. It wasn’t working, I didn’t enter at this point. The rubbed slowed a little and you felt the cold dripping of lube ooze down your bum cheeks. I then parted them and slid my dick between them. This time You were a little apprehensive about me sliding into you. The quicker the pace the more You felt my balls slap against your lips sending delicious signals all over your body.

I removed my cock and slapped you hard on your right arse cheek. The force and unexpected impact had you blurting out a loud gasp. “That’s for tensing up your arse, whore. It’s mine to do what I please with. Do not be afraid of my touch.” Another 3 spanks were delivered. “Is that clear, slut?”

“Yes Sir!” I winced feeling the bitter-sweet sensations bouncing all over my body.

“Good. I have something to put inside your backside so I need you to relax.”

“Yes Sir.” You just about managed to get the last syllable out when my finger began to massage your pursing arse hole. It was well lubricated and easily slid into you. You began to relax as my finger dipped in and out and was surprised how accommodating to my touch You were becoming. “Good girl, Sir is proud of you. I think you are ready for a little toy to fill your hole. Sir’s finger wants to be free for other things.” You felt me remove the finger from your back side and didn’t have long to wait until another implement was pressing at your most intimate place. It was smaller than my finger at first but gradually felt bigger the more it went in. It was nobbled. Each nobble increasing in size the further up the shaft it went. When rational thought was creeping back in you realized it was anal beads. You were whimpering slightly as they were becoming bigger and a little less comfortable which prompted me to stroke your back cooing sweet words to settle you. You were feeling reassured as the last bead popped into place. “All done baby girl. You have done so well for me.”

“Thank you Sir.” You responded with a huge sigh, a little pleased with your efforts.

“Sir still wants to make those arse cheeks red and bruised.” You can’t deny your heart raced and your pussy tingled with the anticipation.

No sooner had the words left my mouth You felt the hard slap of a leather paddle. This came down on your cheeks several times. Each one leaving you sore, the heat spreading. You clenched after each stroke which in turn gripped on the beads. You weren’t sure if you liked the feeling but it felt very naughty indeed. You soon felt a feather gliding over the stinging area. It was both soothing and painful. More smacks were delivered followed by the feather touches. You were in pain but you also smiled. The paddle was discarded and You heard me drop to my knees. Both hands gripped your cheeks hard and I sunk my teeth into your flesh. You cried out but also thanked me for the sensations you were experiencing.

I stood up again, took a fist full of your hair and penetrated your pussy with 2 fingers. “You’re so wet you naughty girl slut. I think you must enjoy being treated this way.” You nodded as best You could and I chuckled a little. My fingers were shoved in your mouth and your hole was quickly filled with my cock. “Suck my fingers while I fuck you. This won’t take long I’m going to use you like the fuck toy you are. I might let you cum.” The pounding began, shaking you like a rag doll. You cried out with the forceful thrusts I was delivering. My hand came out of your mouth and clasped your tit then made its way between your legs and honed in on clit. My forefingers encircled the sensitive nub expertly bringing me close to climax. You were so turned on I you came hard around my cock and a moment later i coated your internal walls with my hot, sticky load. I removed the beads from your arse at the same time as removing myself from you. A weird but pleasurable feeling washed over you. I then cuffed your wrists and held you a few moments, kissing your head and stroking your hair telling you how proud I was of you.