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Giving blowjob and swallowing just like my mom

Wednesday, July 25th, 2012

It happened when I was young. My older brother had friends over all the time and they were starting to notice me and give me lots of attention. We lived with my mom and she had many boyfriends. I had seen my mom giving blowjobs to her boyfriends and how much the guys and my mom loved that sexual act. So I knew guys liked it. One day on a weekend one of his friends came over when no one was home. I told him to stay and wait. We decided to watch a movie, so I put one on and sat next to him. As I cuddled up next to him I noticed a bulge in his trouser. I touched his leg and he didn’t pull away. I slid my hand up his trouser to the bulge, and asked what this is? He asked if I wanted to see. Of course I was horny and said yes. So he pulled it out. I stoked it a bit, and then started to suck it. I loved the way he responded and directed my head to on his cock. I loved him moan and the throbbing cock in my mouth so I kept sucking. He didn’t last long before he unloaded his cum into my mouth. It was so warm and tasty I swallowed just as I had seen mom swallowing her boyfriends cum. Obviously that was not my last blowjob but one of the exciting ones.