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Missed being touched, the desire to cheat

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

I have been married for a few years, but but been with my husband for a good few years, in the beginning we were like fire and ice, hot and steamy, he found out i love women, so i thought that would be a erotic moment, so we tried to explore it with other women, what a joke, the women he picked were no tbi, soon as he began to fuck them they would ignore me, and basically i got nothing out out of it, my husband would not even hardly touch me either, it was just another excide for him to fuck other women, we tried it a few times, and well has never worked out the way it should of, a three way not a two way, so i got oissed off and said to hell with this, and so we stopped doing it, the women were not true bi girls, and i am not going to get pushed out of the way so he can get fucked, excuse me?!!! and his lame statement back pissed me off more…..
After we stopped trying to do the bi thing, our sex life took a total dive, what a fucking insult, had a few good fuck sessions i guess, but it declined and declined more and more, he was not interested, not in the mood so on and on, he works out of town a lot as well, gone for long periods of time, home for short periods of time, so it is hard and lonely for me, so miss being touched, so miss him not fucking me any more, when he does get home, and if we do fuck, it is like, that was sex? a quick few minutes for him to get off and that is it, nothing like we were, so it is pissing me off……

He even admits our sex life is bad but does nothing to improve it what so ever, just keeps letting it get worse and worse. I think and feel he cheats on me out of town when he works, he says he never has time for that, get real i am not totally stupid here!! he comes home after being gone for so long and hardly has any sexual interest in me?! and on the weekend, had a few days off, hung out with his buddy, okay fine, they partied it up, went to a strip joint, and well he got hammered up, and managed to get some stripper’s panties, he said he asked for them from her to play a joke an a friend, yeah right okay?!!! totally do not believe that, know how he is when he is drunk, he has to be the man of all men when he is drunk especially when he is around women, has to try and be better than anyone else, so he tells me this….I got a little poissed off, due to what is happening in our marriage, for sure, do not trust him worth the shit!! he has cheated on his other wives and girlfriends in the past, and has made comments i would never know he is cheating out of town anyways, so yeah, I trust that this stripper whore just gave him the panties when he asked for them, and right after he told me that, (being he was totally hammered) he said getting a blow job is not cheating and laughing….really?!!!!

He has not touched me in so long, or fucked me good in so long, getting tired of getting my self off, while he is out there getting fucked by whores……my mind leads to wanting to get laid, it makes me ownder off in thought of having an affair of my own, why not he is?! i have not been touched in so damn long, miss human contact!! my husband will not ttouch me, so what the fuck here?!!!! the rejection hurts so deep!!
But i have caught my self wondering off in thought about having an affair! cannot believe that, I have never cheated on any of my partners before!! i have never had the thought to even want to cheat on my husband before ever either!! he was always so sexy and alive to me, but lately it is depressing becuase i cannot get him to touch me, and he rejects me constantly, but certainly have no damn idea to even how to have an affair?!!! or who with or how any of that works if I wanted to, and do not want it coming back to bite me in the ass either!! my husband gets all made and insecure when another man even looks at me, he is insecure about his man hood, he is not that big according to him, so the thought of another man being near me enrages him, but it is okay for him to go out and get panties off some stripper and fuck around with her?! double standards!! i just want to get fucked, not have a relationship or anything, like he does, gets laid out of town, so I have been thinking about it, it drives me nuts at times!! amazing what happens when the sex part in a marriage goes away, and what it does to a person!! how the human contact drives a person…..i am very confused as how i am feeling!!!