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Handjob from my babysitter

Wednesday, October 12th, 2011

One night when I was around 11 years old my parents were going out for the night. They hired my usual babysitter, a beautiful high school girl who was tan, tall, and had always been very dominating. Her name was Meghan and she had been my babysitter for a year. This night she made my little brother go to bed and said I could stay up with her for a while if I was good to her. I said ok and sat with her while we watched a movie. She gave me a blanket to share and we curl up next to each other under the blanket. When the movie ended she started flipping through the channels and asked what you want to watch. As she reached the porn channels she said, oh I think I know what you want to watch ha-ha. I was so embarrassed, but was even more embarrassed when she actually put one on. She asked if I was into this stuff yet and I felt her hand on my knee.

I had been just getting into sex and had only recently started masturbating but I was still confused as to what was right and wrong. I had no idea how I should feel. I was so stiff it felt like it couldn’t be moved at all and I wanted to relieve myself, but I also felt embarrassed that she would tell my parents or think I was weird for being hard or a perve for wanting it so bad.

As we watched the screen, she slowly moved her hand up my leg towards my thigh, and then slowly, she moved her hand back down my leg. Up and down up and down. Very slowly. Getting a little higher each time. As a blowjob scene came on, she asked bet you wish that was you right now. Then she giggle, and grabbed my cock, slipping her hand under my shorts. She just held it for a while, and I kept all my concentration on not cumming. I still didn’t know if it was normal to ejaculate. She didn’t say anything, just giggled every time my rock hard dick twitched uncontrollably. After a while she let go, pulled the blanket off of me revealing my boner. I tried to cover up but she said no no in a sing song voice and I let go, succumbing to my needs. She pulled my hand to the side and took my cock and put it in her mouth and began to lick and suck my cock. It felt so amazing I just gave up instantly. She did this for about 10 seconds which felt like forever before she stopped, just as I was about to cum. She said, I have always wanted to take an innocent boys innocence and then she giggled. She grabbed my dick, pulled it forward, and then let it drop with a thud on my stomach. She giggled again then started tracing circles around my head and just under the head with her finger very delicately. My cock kept twitching and I kept feeling close to orgasm, especially when shed giggle, but she would stop so often I couldn’t cum. At this point I really just wanted release even if it wasn’t right. Finally she grabbed my cock and started jerking with thumb and pointer finger very fast and I couldn’t keep it in, I came everywhere while she giggled.

Want to be raped repeatedly by group of men: Role-playing

Thursday, February 24th, 2011

Just to think of this secret fantasy turns me on so badly! While I am in my yard I would like a group of men (three of four) come into my yard and come up behind me and grab me by the arms and start dragging me inside the shed. Then taking off my clothes; starting with my shirt; then my bra, exposing my breasts to them. Then pull down my pants and take them off and then just rip off my panties. Then I want to be raped repeatedly for as long as they want to have sex with me. I want one guy holding my hands down and another pinning my legs while the third guy on top of me fucking. After he cums all over me, I want them to switch places, till all of them fucks me hard and cums. I want to hear them telling me what a whore I am. I want them to tell me no one could come to my rescue and that i am at their mercy. I want them to tell me how helpless I am. I am desperately looking for this fantasy to happen on no-strings attached and through Ashley Madison in Washington.

Sex with married man in Washington

Sunday, February 6th, 2011

I met this guy off Ashley Madison who was having an affair on his wife with me in Washington. It was no-strings attached affair arrangement. Well this was our first meet. We went to a park to meet and greet. Of course we knew it was just for sex. So we got busy rather quickly. He admired my tits for the first time in person and first time in a longtime who actually admired something about me. He was amazed how nice and perky they were. He couldn’t get enough of them and wanted me to take off my shirt and bra. At which point, he went down on me. I loved it. He pulled out his thickening cock and I took it in my hands and then in my mouth. I could hear him moan as I gave him blowjob. I could feel the blood rushing into his penis every time I took him inside my mouth. This was our first date. After a while when we both couldn’t take it any longer we had sex out in the open. Needless to say it was not the last encounter I had with married men from Ashley Madison.