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Lost in Translation – Sperm Donation

Hi; I’m Sam and this is a very odd and almost unbelievable story of my journey in Japan on a holiday.

So the story begins when I was walking around in Japan taking pictures and trying out the new foods. Just really what a tourist would do I guess and it was lovely. Crowded and I didn’t speak much Japanese but very lovely.

As I was in town just looking around; I noticed that my wallet had been stolen from me some time during the day. I know it was stolen because I put the dots together after a ran into a guy earlier, I sort of noticed he did but also thought that he didn’t. Stupid of me I know but still, that is how it happened.

I had no money or I.D so I had to do something so I resorted to beg for money which didn’t work. I didn’t know much Japanese and they all thought I wanted water for some reason. I had no luck until I found a piece of paper on a street-light that was written in multiple languages for tourist I guess.

The notice said that candidates for donating sperm for Semen-Research would be paid and it said that a single donation was 50$. I looked at the address and saw that it wasn’t far so I resorted to the idea and it was my only hope of getting help so I went.

I came to the hospital and gave them the notice; it was the only thing I could do to let them know what I was doing there. The nurse gave me a smile and ushered me through the halls.

She spoke ‘sort-of’ fluent English so it wasn’t that bad of a conversation. She asked the basic questions, gave me a cup of ‘something’ and so on as we walked to the specific area for the semen extraction. I was very shy and bothered by the idea that I was going to go into a room and cum in a cup for money. It was like… being used I guess.

So than the nurse brought me into a room with a strange chair that looked like one of those gynecologist seats for women and a sex dungeon prop. It had straps on it and looked freaky. Comfortable but freaky. There was also a table with lube and some cylinder device I didn’t know did at the time.

“Strip off and than sit please.” The nurse said and I did. I had not gotten nude in front of many women before, especially one that I had just met so it was a little weird.

I sat down in the chair and the she came and tightened the straps to my limbs. I was suddenly a little scared and so I tried to make sure I was in the right place. I know I should have asked before I stripped but still, I should have asked earlier.

“I’m in the right place right? Semen Research thing…” I said, I hoped I was or this would be very awkward.

“Yes; semen extraction yes.” The nurse said as she finished strapping me on to the chair.

“Good?” The nurse asked.

“I guess.” I said but then nodded. I don’t thing she knew all that much English.

I was all strapped in and then a second part came from the bottom of the chair that was like a mechanical arm that had a hold for something to go in. Not my cock but something else.

“Okay; 5 hour, semen extraction.” The nurse said as she applied lube to the cylinder device and then attached it to the arm that had appeared below the seat a moment ago.

“Wait, what… did you say 5 hours?” I asked. I didn’t know if I heard her right but I was sure I heard 5 hours.

“You want more?” She asked me.

“No.” I said. Then something came over me like a warm wave. It was like a drug had taken effect over me and numbed my mind.

“Okay; semen extraction, 5 hours. Powerful aphrodisiac take hold yet?” The nurse said with a happy smile and tone.

‘Powerful Aphrodisiac?’ What? That was what she gave me in the hall? Oh fuck… I’m gonna be milked of my cum for hours and I can’t move or anything. This is so fucked up.

My body got hot; my cock rose to full attention and my balls ached for release. I wanted or more like needed to seriously relieve some of the pressure and cum.

Okay; penetration stage and then extraction. Cum many times okay. I be back at the end of milking in 5 hours.” The nurse said before leaving.

With my cock’s knob in the entrance of the fake pussy which was the cylinder from earlier, I didn’t know what I was meant to do. I couldn’t move to press a button or anything.

Then it happened. I heard a click from out side which may have been the nurse and then the machine came to life and enveloped my entire cock into the cylinder. The cylinder was also connected to a tube in the back which went down into a collection chamber. I was in a blissful hell where I was going to be milked of my cum for hours without rest. I didn’t sign up for this, she must have sent me to the wrong room. I just wanted to cum in a small cup for them, get paid and be on my way.

But no; I’m strapped to a chair and being milked by a robotic pussy for the next 5 hours. It felt good though, really good because my senses had been set into overdrive due to the aphrodisiac I was given.

Back and forth the machine arm went with the fake pussy at a constant speed which was a little slow for my liking. Shortly though I ended up cumming the usual amount into the fake pussy cylinder and watching being sucked up by the tube and leak into the collection chamber.

The nurse then came back in. ‘Oh thank god’ I thought to myself. “Please; that’s all. I can’t give anymore.” I said.

“Oh… more, okay.” The nurse turned to leave the room.

“No… no more… no more.” I said as she was walking out.

“More.” The nurse said before she closed the door with a strange smile on her face.

A second later; the fake pussy sped up to be a fast jerking motion and it was extremely pleasing now. Before it was a little ‘Meh’ but not it was like a woman on a mission and trying to make you cum.

My body tensed to the blissful assault on my senses as the fake pussy cylinder stroked my cock up and down and prepared me for my second orgasm. I had only came three minutes ago but I was ready again. I swear that I have never cum so easily or quickly in my life so I blame the aphrodisiac for it all.

I gripped the handles on the chair and came a second time which seemed to be a lot more explosive than the last orgasm I had. I came an unusual amount this time and I could see it again be sucked up into the tube and leak into the extraction chamber. The orgasm went on for about 15 seconds before it stopped and my cock was very sensitive and ticklish now. It was like a pleasing pain or a painful pleasure.

I called out for a nurse and had gotten no reply from her. I wanted this to stop ‘sort of’. Part of my mind, the rational part said that this was too much and that it needed to stop while the part that had the aphrodisiac running through it was overwhelmed with sexual craving and the mental need to orgasm.

The fake pussy continued to stroke me and the suction on it was amazing. It felt like the semen extractor device was literally draining me.

In a few more minutes; the fake pussy cylinder had me cumming a third time and this time was even bigger than the last. I swear that the amount of cum I was depositing for them was getting larger and larger as it went on.

My body jerked violently at this orgasm and my eyes went up into my head. My moan was very loud also so I guessed the nurse would arrive to see if I was okay. Unfortunately; there were others moaning in rooms next to mine so the nurse would probably shake the thought off and think it was just another man cumming for their machines. I was going mental now.

A few orgasms later; the nurse came back into the room and I was exhausted. I had cum about 10 times and the collection chamber was half full.

“Oh god… nurse… please… there has been… a mistake.” I said between pants of exhaustion.

“Mistake?” The nurse asked.

“Yes; mistake… I’m done… all done, empty.” I said being careful with my words and not using words like ‘more’ or others that would make her continue the milking.

“Okay.” The nurse said. She stopped the machine and took my cock out. It was red and still rock hard from the aphrodisiac. She examined it and then fiddled with the fake pussy cylinder and mechanical arm device that made it all go back and forth.

“Okay.” The nurse said.

“Very good.” I said with a smile and happy tone.

“Spin and thrust.” The nurse said.

‘Spin and thrust’, what did she mean? I thought as I had my head back to relax from the cock milking I had just done through. I didn’t go for 5 hours but I did go for 1 hour which is a record but not one I wanted to do.

Then I felt the nurse guide my cock back into the fake pussy cylinder and leave the room in a hurry after getting a message on her pager. She put my cock back in, no, she didn’t understand a word I said.

The machine started again and This time it didn’t just go back and forth, it spun around now along with going back and forth. It was even more of an assult on my senses that it had me cumming in only a minute and I was loosing my mind now.

“OH FUCK… COME ON.” I yelled out as I was left in this blissful hell.

For the next 3 hours; I was in what I have repeatedly called a blissful hell and left to be nothing more than a cumming machine for the purpose of giving more and more cum to the nurses that were doing the research. I had cum about 27 time in 4 hours which I thought was impossible and lethal.

In the final hour I had actually fallen asleep but was still cumming. Sometimes the orgasms woke me for a few seconds before I went back to being asleep again. I felt like I was being killed in the most painfully blissful way.

Then; I had my final orgasm which reached the top of the collection chamber. The chamber was full of cum and could hold no more. A voice came over the machine requesting for assistance so I thought and I was right.

A moment after the milking process was finished; the nurse came into the room and unstrapped me, pulled the fake pussy from my cock and called assistance in to move me to a bed. I was too exhausted to move and I couldn’t believe that they had a bed prepared for me already. This must have been a thing for them.

In the morning the nurse came back and gave me my clothes and everything came in with. I was also given 1000$ for the 5 hour milking. I only wanted 50$ and only needed that too but I guess I left with a lot more.

After that; I went back on my trip; my wallet was sent to me through the mail a week after I had gotten back home and everything was in it but the money of course. I will never forget my time in Japan, especially the 5 hours of being milking.

This story is true and trust me, don’t try and find that place. It is a blissful part of hell. My sperm donation experience!

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