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My Little Sisters Large Breasts Were Too Much to Resist

My little sister, only 16 months younger than me, developed double D breasts by the age of 15. I became obsessed with looking at her and she started wearing less and less clothes around the house. Eventually my parents told her she had to start covering up more everywhere we went, because her large assets were so incredibly endowed she would get catcalled by men in the street as a young girl. She started flaunting herself to me, and got my attention. Her chest continued to grow, and she continued to wear less and less clothes around her older brother.

Finally, one day she came in my room and told me she wasn’t wearing a bra. As she sat on my bed and laid back, I noticed she was dry heaving and looking at my slowly forming erection. “I wanna feel what you do to your girlfriends” was the way that she put it. The tension had become too much.

I stood up and turned around to try and resist as she said “Oooh You have a big boner..” But I finally stood up and faced my topless sister with my rod for the first time in my life. She was absolutely enthralled with it, grabbing it immediately and squeezing it, complementing its girth. I could not believe how hard I was. I felt completely wrong but so turned on it was impossible to turn away.

I then not only traced my hard dick all over her obnoxiously large titties, but I played with them for hours. She’d also just jump in my lap and tell her to spank her and I’d pull down her pants and squeeze and feel her very big butt as I slipped a finger into her moist vagina every now and then. I’m sure I was the first guy to finger her, and knowing that makes me feel really shame all the time guys. I don’t know how to tell you it’s so hard to resist playing it back in the highlight reel, because it’s still something I have to carry with me.

It culminated with both of us naked while I felt her and fingered her, she masturbated me to orgasm. All my friends and girlfriends knew how large my sister’s titties were and suspected she teased me with them. She’s partially to blame, but it’s a family secret. Even my mom knows her daughter wanted nothing but the sexual attention of her son for years. That’s messed up.

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