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I live a secret live in Calgary

I am from Calgary. I have so many secrets I don’t know where to being. I have so many that I don’t think I can ever confess them all or share with you all. But the one that bugs me the most is the fact that my parents only think they know who I am … when they really don’t know me at all. My parents don’t know that I was raped, and I will probably never tell them, because they don’t need to know, it was a long time ago. They don’t know that since the rape I never can trust guys any more. They don’t know that I am secretly having an affair with a married woman. My parents don’t know that I have stolen money from them. The sad part is that I live a lie every day. My whole life is a lie…and I wish it wasn’t. It is hard once you start living a lie. You simply can’t stop it.


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