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Sexual experience as a naval Cadet

When I was a young cadet at sea, I shared a cabin with my senior who was a couple of years older. We were in the east and it was tropical and hot. When work and the evening meal was over we would get out of uniform in the cabin and lounge about reading or chatting wearing just a towel or underpants, no aircon on ships in those days. My cabin mate had noticed that when we spoke of sex I would sometimes get an erection, difficult to hide when wearing only a pair of pants. This obviously amused him and he started to talk of sexual things quite intentionally to watch the effect. after a while it became a bit of a game and I did not bother to hide what was happening to my penis. I was what was called a pretty boy, hairless body smooth skin that kind of thing. What was happening became a bit of a game and it was my fault for playing along with it. No contact at all initially. After a while though if I got up to get a drink or a cigarette he would sometimes garb my dick as I went past, jut pull it nothing else. If he did that and I was just wearing a towel wrapped round me the towel would sometimes fall of leaving me naked with willie pointing up at the deck head.

So far no great problem just some minor fun.One night my senior turned in, he had the lower bunk I had the upper one. I got up to put out the cabin light wearing just the usual towel, put out the light and then went to the bunks. To get up to mine I faced the bunks and usually put a foot on the edge of the lower bunk to hoist myself up. As I got to the bunk, his arm shot out and grabbed me round the waist, I did not struggle very hard thinking it was just the usual grab and grope, towel fell off in the course of the struggle. He hooked me into his bunk. being a lower bunk I could not sit upright but crouched, making it very difficult to get out, my cabin mate was older, bigger and stronger than I was also so I was held were I was by his right arm, while his left hand played with my dick which became hard with his ministrations. I did struggle to get out but basically I was trapped. He did not masturbate me, just fiddled with my dick and quite quicky I came which made him laugh. He did not let me go though and continued to paly with my dick which remained quite excited and I had by then stopped struggle because basically I had me sexed up and thus with no conscience or morality. I was very aroused and after a while I came again and he laughed again and said shall I do it again, my reply was yes. He made me beg for it all the while fiddling with my dick and I begged. It took him some time to get the third cum out of me, he had to really masturbate me and after a while I shot again, not very much I would think but the feeling was great. Then he told me to get up and clean my self up at the basin which i did then turned in mind in a whirl and feeling shattered. I must have had dark rings round my eyes the next morning. What happened was my own fault, I should never have let thing start to happen. There was no sodomy involved after this happened he would masturbate me at night and I would masturbate him and it went on like that until he went off on leave. Neither of us were remotely homosexual, it was just a form of release. It felt more exciting than self masturbation.

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