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Slowly moving onto swinger lifestyle

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

My wife and I have been married for over 11 years and always had great sex. When we first met, I confessed being a total pervert. She loved me for it too. She was just as much into sex as I was. We spent many evenings playing with each other while watching dirty movies on DVDs or porn on the computer. It wasn’t long before the subject of letting other people watch us having sex came up. So we joined ashley madison in california. It was not long before we got many responses from single guys and other like minded couples. So we invited a couple over. We would let them come into our house and sit in the chair and watch us having sex. We always told them they could look but no touching. There was rule of only watching and no touching. After figuring out that was fun, we started to invite others too. Rules were the same – no touching – just watching. I have had to almost physically throw a few of them out for not being able to control themselves. Most of the time we had a lot of fun putting on a show for some horny guys. Later we allowed them to masturbate while watching us having sex. We went to a local pub. My wife had on a short skirt. It wasn’t long before we had several guys wanting to “play pool”. Later we found out from the bartender that once a month they had a couples and single female only party and that night was one of those parties. It was so cool to look around the room and see guys fondling their wives and vice versa. That was such a turn on for me as I have always needed visual stimulation to get off properly. We became regular party goers to that club. Every once in a while we would hook up with other couples and either get a room or go back to their house and play. We never did do the full swap, but, light touching and some oral was always okay. Wives would take turns in giving us blowjobs. Often the girls would go at it while us guys shot cum all over them. Good old days!!! Missed the swinger lifestyle.