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Gave oral sex and blowjob to a co-worker

Monday, July 9th, 2012

First of all, this is a true story that I have never told anyone. Last year, a co-worker and I had to go on a business trip with our boss to see a client in Ohio. My co-worker who’s name is Nathan is 22 years old and 6 years younger than I am. We get to the town where our customer is located and the three of us go to dinner. After dinner I ask my boss if Nathan and I can take his car to a local bar. Of course our boss has his own room but Nathan and I have to share a room with two beds.

We find a bar down the street and have a number of drinks and decide to leave. Next to the bar is a massage parlor and an adult book store that I had visited on my last trip to Toledo. Nathan was giddy to check out the book store since he had never been in one before. We go in and I tell him that there are video booths in the back and he wanted to see what I was talking about. I bought a few tokens and hand one to him and tell him to go in and check it out. I watched which booth he went into and went into the one next to him but he didn’t know.

Once in I could see through the hole between the booths that Nathan was rubbing his cock that was still in his pants. He was flipping channels and before long he took his pants off. Not the biggest cock I had even seen but it was nice. I don’t think he noticed the hole in the wall because I hadn’t put my token in to start a movie and my booth was still dark.

So I put two fingers in the hold and moved them for him to see them. He noticed and leaned over and asked what I wanted. He didn’t know it was me though. I made the “come here” motion with my fingers and he stood up and put his cock in the hole. That is when I started sucking it. But he pulled back after just a minute or two and I could see he was getting on his knees. SO I stood up and put my cock through the hole and he started sucking me. I couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t long before I was Cumming in his mouth. It was obviously great.

When I finished cumming I stood there with my cock still in the hole wanting him to still play with it but there was nothing. So I pulled out and carefully looked in the hole and he was gone.

After a few minutes I left too. Nathan was nowhere to be found so I left the store and there he was outside the store. I asked him if he watched a video and he said year but it was stupid so he left. I knew he still had no idea he just sucked my cock and I came in his mouth.

As we drove back to the hotel and even once in the hotel room he just went on and on about how he was horny and was going to fuck his girlfriend like a porn star when he go home. Of course acting all straight and not mentioning that he just sucked a cock. I never said word to him and still go to work each day knowing that he gave me one hell of a blowjob.

Boyfriend shares me

Thursday, January 19th, 2012

When I was 17 (I am 23 now) I stayed over at my friends house. We went to a movie with her Uncle Jeremy (who is married) who was 35. Jeremy sat next to me at the theater and a few minutes into the movie he whispered to me to go out and take off my panties. I have no idea why I did it. When I came back he had lifted the arm rest and he slid his hand under my ass and skirt and stuck 2 fingers right into my pussy. I had had sex once before and I was amazed how dirty and great this guys fingers felt. I moved around on his fingers through the whole movie.

When he brought us back to my friend’s apartment he did and said nothing except to get my cell number. At 2:00 am that night he texted me to meet him in the parking lot across from my friends building. As soon as I got out there he pushed me to my knees and had me suck his cock. Before he even finished he had me stand and bent me over the hood of his car. With his dick only wet from being in my mouth he shoved it in my ass and started pounding me. I had never had anal sex before and when I yelled out a little he told me I needed to shut up and get used to it because being a sex toy was all I was good for. He did stuff to me for almost 3 hours before he was done with me.

I have been with Jeremy for almost 6 years now in a boyfriend girlfriend relationship and he was right about me being a sex toy. He lets his friends and even family fuck me all the time. Sometimes even guys he works with or guys we meet at clubs use me. Jeremy is still married and he treats his wife like a queen. He has told me a couple times that some women are meant to be married and treasured but girls like me are just meant for men to use for whatever they want.

None of my friends or co-workers know. His niece that had been my friend hasn’t talked to me in 5 years once she found out what I was doing. I have no one to talk to and part of the problem is I love being used by these men.

Gangbang in Chicago, Illinois

Monday, June 6th, 2011

My secret is that I love ganbang. I am a 35 year old woman, divorced for nearly 4 years and have an obsession to humiliation. I live in Chicago, Illinois and it’s very easy to find group of men. I get sexual thrill when being used by a group of men for their sexual pleasure. It all started with a simple profile on Ashley Madison. One thing led to another and I started to like it. I invite a group of men, and they would bring their friends along to my house for me to perform oral sex on them. I kneel just wearing my knickers and they use me to suck them off when they want and as often as they want until they cum, then they leave. They would shove their hard cock down my throat while another guys holding my hands behind shoving his cock up my ass. Some would cum on my face; some would unload in my mouth. Some would cum on my pussy or on my back. The warmth of cum all over my body sends ecstasy down my spine every time.  I feel totally ashamed of myself as soon as they leave – but soon after I crave for the next session. For the past year I have been doing this once a month. The groups are usually 5 or 6 men but the most was 16. My mouth would hard from all the blowjobs but I couldn’t stop.  Most of the guys get sucked off a couple of times and some manage 3 or 4 times. I don’t understand what drives me to do it other than I get intense sexual satisfaction from it.