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I have done something that I regret

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

My secret is that in one of my past relationships, I allowed my boyfriend to pressure me into doing something I wasn’t ready to do. He pressured me into having sex with another stranger while we were traveling to Prince George from Mount Pearl. The sad thing is I didn’t even love him. I did not know it at the time but I thought I loved him. I just wanted to be liked by someone so badly that I did something I would have not done otherwise. Of course he took some pictures me having sex with 2 other strangers and what hurts the most is that he later started to spared rumors about me that wasn’t true. I have never told anyone about it before because I know if any of my friends found out what i did they wouldn’t be friends with me anymore because my friends and family are very strict Christian. I know that’s not the kind of friends that I should have but truthfully I’m scared to find new friends because I’m not good with change. I just wish I never did what I did with this guy. It’s the biggest mistake I have ever made. I was young and I was stupid. Hope no one does anything to satisfy someone else’s twisted fantasy.