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First cuckold experience in Prince George

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Saturday turned out better than expected … I bought my wife new sexy lingerie from la vie en rose at the Pine Center Mall, as her “boyfriend” said that drives him wild. When he arrived she answered the door, wearing a short skirt, just below the panty line with a tank top to show him off her sexy body. I never met him but wife had fun with him and shared many pictures of her having fun with him. So I knew the guy but didn’t know the guy at the same time.

He at first looked a bit shy and worried – after all they only had fun in my absence before. This is the first time with me there. But then when she kissed him, that flustered look changed to a smile. When she introduced us, he was very friendly and shook my hand vigorously and said let’s cut to the chase, you like to watch other men with your wife? I answered yes. He then said, well, we’ve decided, (referring to my wife) that you’ll not only watch, but you’ll be on duty for us, serving. At first I thought no way, but then what the hell let’s see where this takes us. So I said, why we don’t start with some drinks, offering them the cocktails I’d just prepared, they both laughed & went to sit at our living room.

I put some music on and told them I’ll be in the kitchen if they needed anything. When I returned with a tray of snacks, she was rubbing his shoulders from behind asking me to get some lotion as he’s stressed from being on the road all day. So I smiled and said, you know what’s the best medicine for stress? Yep, you’re right, and with that swooped her up and asked me to show him where the bedroom was. Immediately, my heart started pounding and my dick started to swell. He looked at me, said, are you sure about all this? Can you watch another man fucking your wife? I replied are you? My wife feeling the tension said babes, why don’t you fix us some more drinks, then come and join us.

When I returned, she had his impressive cock out and was crouched over him so he could lick her pussy. I just stood there dropping my shorts. Within a few moments off loaded on the tiles. I sat on the chair and started stroking again just as she sat on him, she took him full length and started moaning immediately while never taking her eyes off me. Within minutes we all climaxed. I said, well that’s the type of stress relief I’m talking about. I left the room, giving them some alone time. I served, watched, cleaned up the rest of the afternoon/night, before passing out on the couch. All in all, a great way to explore my new cuckold experience, and it seems he’s getting used to his role in all this.

Can’t wait for my next cuckold experience with him.

Caught my wife cheating

Sunday, January 5th, 2014

My wife and I have been married for ten years. She’s 35 and I’m 38. I thought or marriage was a good marriage but I was wrong. She seemed happy, she always spent time with me and told me she loved me all the time. Our sex life was active and she seemed to want it as bad as I did.

It all happened late one night when I was at work. I work shift work for a utility company so I’m away from home seven nights a month. She usually calls me at work when she goes to bed but this night she text me. I called her but she didn’t answer. She text me again and said sorry she didn’t answer she was really tired and falling asleep. I had that gut feeling something was wrong so I asked my boss if I could go home because I wasn’t feeling well. He told me I could leave and made a joke to me about I better call my wife to tell her I’m coming home early so I don’t walk in on her and Sancho. it’s a joke we tell everyone that goes home early in night shifts.

As I got close to my house I noticed the living room light was still on. I got curious because she said she was going to bed. I ended up parking my truck in the driveway of a couple houses down from mine that no one lived at. I walked over to my house and around to the back yard. I couldn’t see inside the house because all the blinds were closed. I could hear the tv and I could also hear a guys voice. I had to get inside to see what was going on. shortly after the living room lights shut off and my bedroom lights came on. now was my chance to get in the house. I unlocked the back door and walked in quietly. I tip toed down the hallway and my bedroom door was closed. I could hear my wife making grunting noises and then I heard a guys voice telling her to ride it, ride it hard. I stayed outside the door until they finished and then I left backto my truck. I ended up sleeping in my truck until the morning. I woke up and drove my truck to my house, got oout and went inside. my wife was laying in bed when I walked into the bedroom. I woke her up and asked how her night went and she said it was ok. Then I asked her if she enjoyed fucking her boyfriend while she thought I was at work. She sat up in bed and looked at me and asked what I meant about that and what Ann I talking about. I told her I heardand saw what she did last night. She started crying and saying she was sorry. She ended up telling me it was a guy from her work and that she’s been seeing him now for about six months. I asked her if she loved him and she said she thinks so. so I packed my stuff and now I’ve been living in a hotel room for a week. I’ve driven past my house a few times but every time I drive by there is a unknown car in the driveway. I figure it’s that guys car. he can have her. I’m done with her after I caught her cheating.