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First cuckold experience in Prince George

Friday, December 19th, 2014

Saturday turned out better than expected … I bought my wife new sexy lingerie from la vie en rose at the Pine Center Mall, as her “boyfriend” said that drives him wild. When he arrived she answered the door, wearing a short skirt, just below the panty line with a tank top to show him off her sexy body. I never met him but wife had fun with him and shared many pictures of her having fun with him. So I knew the guy but didn’t know the guy at the same time.

He at first looked a bit shy and worried – after all they only had fun in my absence before. This is the first time with me there. But then when she kissed him, that flustered look changed to a smile. When she introduced us, he was very friendly and shook my hand vigorously and said let’s cut to the chase, you like to watch other men with your wife? I answered yes. He then said, well, we’ve decided, (referring to my wife) that you’ll not only watch, but you’ll be on duty for us, serving. At first I thought no way, but then what the hell let’s see where this takes us. So I said, why we don’t start with some drinks, offering them the cocktails I’d just prepared, they both laughed & went to sit at our living room.

I put some music on and told them I’ll be in the kitchen if they needed anything. When I returned with a tray of snacks, she was rubbing his shoulders from behind asking me to get some lotion as he’s stressed from being on the road all day. So I smiled and said, you know what’s the best medicine for stress? Yep, you’re right, and with that swooped her up and asked me to show him where the bedroom was. Immediately, my heart started pounding and my dick started to swell. He looked at me, said, are you sure about all this? Can you watch another man fucking your wife? I replied are you? My wife feeling the tension said babes, why don’t you fix us some more drinks, then come and join us.

When I returned, she had his impressive cock out and was crouched over him so he could lick her pussy. I just stood there dropping my shorts. Within a few moments off loaded on the tiles. I sat on the chair and started stroking again just as she sat on him, she took him full length and started moaning immediately while never taking her eyes off me. Within minutes we all climaxed. I said, well that’s the type of stress relief I’m talking about. I left the room, giving them some alone time. I served, watched, cleaned up the rest of the afternoon/night, before passing out on the couch. All in all, a great way to explore my new cuckold experience, and it seems he’s getting used to his role in all this.

Can’t wait for my next cuckold experience with him.

My first cuckold experience

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

My girlfriend Laura and I have been together a little over five years. We have an amazing sex life, but over time during our fun in bedroom I have shared with her my desire to be cheated on as long as I was “forced” to hear all the details about how good it had been. But being in small town like Prince George, it is very hard to act on your fantasies. She eventually got into it by teasing me during sex by talking about having been out fucking while I was at work. Later she would always make sure I understood that she was just playing and had not been out fucking around. For some weird reasons it was a hugely turn on for me. It’s a cuckold fetish I later found out. This is a story of my first ever cuckold experience.

Couple of weeks ago it all changed. She wanted to go out Friday night with some friends. I told her to go and have a good time, I couldn’t go because I had to work late. She pouted about it a little but decided to go anyway. By the time I got home after work she was dressed to go and she was looking super-hot and sexy. She was wearing a short little black dress with enough cleavage showing. I commented on how sexy she looked. She replied I might want to come out with them to keep her out of trouble. She told me where they would be if I changed my mind and left.

I received a text from her few hours later saying I should have come out with her because she was a little tipsy and was feeling like getting in trouble. I played along and asked why she feels like that. She replied that her friend David was there. I knew he was her “friends with benefits” before we got together. I asked her – is he trying to get you into bed with him? She replied that she didn’t think it mattered to him if it was a bed or backseat of our SUV. I asked her what you going to do? Few seconds later my phone rang and she asked are you going to be upset or mad if I wanted to fuck him? I said sure but I want to hear about it all. She then uttered that she was drunk and horny and it’s my fault that she want to fuck him. She promised to tell me all about it. I told her go ahead, can’t wait to hear the details.

I was still awake watching TV when she got home. Her hair was a mess and she looked like she had been fucked really well, make ups were all over, lipstick was gone. She asked if I was upset. Instead of answering I just showed her my throbbing hard cock. She smiled. Tell me everything I said to her. I don’t remember ever being fucked like that. She got undressed and crawled into the bed. I could see little bite marks on her breast and on her thighs. She took my hand and placed it on her pussy. Feel how wet it is – she whispered. I slid two fingers into her wet pussy before she lowered herself onto my throbbing cock. She said baby he fucked me every way a woman can be fucked. Can you feel his cum in me? His cock is so big and he fucks me so good. He sure was glad you stayed home tonight. We both were glad you stayed home tonight. That was all it took before I shot my load in Julie’s pussy. Awww poor baby she commented in a humiliating voice. You shot your little load so quickly? It’s a good thing I got a good fucking before I came home otherwise I would have been very disappointed and unsatisfied tonight. He is going back to Victoria for work next week. I told him I would go by his place Sunday and give him a farewell fuck before he leaves seeing that you can’t satisfy me like he does. That should hold me until he gets back next month.

I really loved that humiliation and that was my first but certainly not last cuckold experience.

Want to have a cuckold experience

Sunday, August 31st, 2014

This is still a fantasy.  My girlfriend and I are both young, students at the University of Northern British Columbia and have been together for just over two years. About one year ago I admitted that it is a huge turn-on for me to think about watching the person I love be with someone else (guy or girl). It’s not about submission or humiliation but the thought that gets me really turned on. So far, I think, it’s about seeing her and being with her sexually after she has been with someone else. I think it will give me the feeling the she is a whole new girl after she has been with another guy or a girl. I think my fantasy is called cuckold experience?

She has entertained my sexual desires from time to time by emailing stories about previous guys she’s fucked. It really got me going and wanting her more and more… She has also told me about a story while we were in bed. We talk about going out to the bar and checking out some girls for the “consideration” of a threesome… I would like to know some real life experiences with getting your girlfriend/wife/partner to actually go through with such an experience. Especially in Prince George. It’s really hard to find likeminded people in here. But there has to be some couples who had done something like this or had cuckold experience. I’d love to see her with another girl but seeing her with another guy, I feel, would be much more lasting and intense as an experience. How would we go about finding a decent, clean and respectful guy for her to have sex with without the feelings involved? One that may be alright with me either watching or receiving a recordings or pictures of the act?