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Sex with others while husband watches

Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

My secret is that I like to fuck other men with my husband in our bedroom.

Before we got married, I discussed my insatiable desire to fuck others. So we agreed that it’s a one way open relationship and that he must understand that or we will not get married. I love the power and he loves being cuckolded, so it works.

I tell my husband to hide before I bring random men home, often from parties or from the bars. The men never see my husband, he just hides and listens and sometimes watches from a crack in the closet door. I get fucked by many men in different ways.

I also like to make lots of noises and a running commentary for my husband’s benefit. After we are done, I never let the men stay, and I never fuck them without him there. It definitely brought us closer than ever!

Teacher and Student affair

Monday, November 14th, 2016

This story starts when I was in my last year of high school and I was just about to break away from school and into the adult world. I was in my English class one day and listening to my hot teacher, Ms. Lita talk to us about how the studies of English would help us through our lives. I could see it but many others said that it was bull shit.

So; when class was over, I stayed behind because I wanted to tell Ms. Lita how I felt about her. Ever since she came to the school a few months ago, I had a huge crush on her and couldn’t keep my eyes off of her. She had nice longish black hair, bright blue eyes, a lovely body and she was really funny too. She had the whole package of hot and awesome. We got on together a lot as well, I thought that we were meant to be.

So; after class was over I went up to her and started talking about the usual stuff about what I’m going to do after high school and all that but I wanted to say more. I wanted to say that I liked or even loved her but I wasn’t sure if the feeling would be returned. I was afraid but I wanted to say it.

After the usual talk I came out with it and said. “Ms. Lita; I… really like you.” I said and I felt like my heart was about to explode out of my chest.

“Oh… Sam… I.” Ms. Lita said. I knew I stepped over a line by telling her. I felt like an idiot and I couldn’t handle what she was about to say. I had the rejection talk plenty of times and I didn’t want to hear it again.

“Um… sorry Ms. Lita… I shouldn’t have said that. I’m sorry, I’ll go.” I said feeling like a complete idiot.

“No wait.” Ms. Lita said.

I grabbed my bag and went for the door but she grabbed my arm and stopped me before I opened the door.

“I feel the same way.” Ms. Lita said.

At that moment; it was like all of time stood still and everything outside of the room meant nothing. It was just her and me in the entire world and nothing else mattered.

“You do?” I asked.

“Yes; ever since my first lesson teaching you.” Ms. Lita said. My mind was swimming now with the thought of our Shakespearean type relationship. A teacher and a student relationship, doomed to fail but with hope it would survive.

“Oh god, I love you.” I said as I dropped my bag and took her in my arms.

Ms. Lita wrapped her legs around me and we started kissing each other with a passion. It was so hot and yet so taboo but I didn’t care. I loved her and nobody could stop my love for her.

I set Ms. Lita on the desk and we started taking our clothes off of each other. My shirt and pants came off in a flash as Ms. Lita took off her clothes just as fast as I. In only a moment; we were down to nothing but out skin and we bathed in the beauty of each others body. She had beautiful boobs and they were better than I ever imagined them, and felt even better also.

We didn’t have a condom but we didn’t really care at that moment. Through prior sexual experiences, I was very good and confident that I could pull out in time and not knock her up. We were both clean as well so that was a plus.

I guided myself into Ms. Lita (lets call her by her given name shall we – a little easier I guess. Not her real name though.) So; I guided my way into Lilly and that first penetration felt so good after the long wait we had both had together. The tension between us was finally broken and we were free now. I know I was still a student and that this act was illegal but we were quiet about it.

I started gently thrusting into Lilly and she bounced back and forth matching my thrusts. I pumped and pumped and had gotten gently quicker as time went on. She felt so good inside; so wet and tight that I never wanted to sleep with another woman ever again. She was perfect, we were perfect together. Luckily; she was not that older than I was. Just older by 3 years but with her looks, she looked just like one of the school students.

We made a little noise with our moans and groans but tried to keep quiet. Lucky for us; no classes were around to hear us and the walls were thick so noise couldn’t go through so well unless we had gotten too noisy.

After a few minutes on the table, I picket Lilly up and we went all over the class room and made love. I pinned her up against the white board and accidentally rubbed off some of the work she had written but we didn’t care. It wasn’t something important to us. Then we rolled around a little and went to the door where she fucked me against it. We had forgotten to lock the door so with a quick thought, I locked the door and continued on.

We ended up on the floor next and she was on top of me in cowgirl position and humping me. It felt so good that I believe it was the connection that we had that made our love making so much better. That and especially since that act we were doing was taboo in every ones eyes. If we were caught; Lilly would loose her job and I don’t know what would happen to me. I would probably be called that guy that slept with his high school teacher but I didn’t want to be known as that. Our relationship was like that of Romeo and Juliet, forbidden and yet so right.

As time went on with the love we were making; we looked into each others eyes and had a momentarily telepathic connection I guess. We looked into each others eyes and said. ‘I love you.’

We could feel ourselves growing to our orgasms so I did the polite thing and took care of the end for us both. Knowing how to please a woman was something I was good at and took up to see as the right thing to do.

I picked up Lilly and we went back to her desk were I could thrust into her in missionary position again. I set her down and went to work with fucking her in a nice steady speed that was eventually rising.

Our moans became louder but we had to be quiet. We didn’t want to get caught but we would if we weren’t quiet.

Lily grabbed onto my arms as her orgasm was rising and I sped up now to drive her all the way to her climax. It looked like too much for her but she nodded to me that it was fine and to go on. We had such a connection that we thought alike.

Lily moaned out but quickly quietened herself and fighting against moaning. Then it happened. Lily came on my penis and she went into a frenzy of bliss as her orgasm rippled through her body causing her to jerk and thrust up and down all over the place. I felt so much happen then. Her pussy clamped down and felt like it was milking me; her lags and hand gripped me in such a way that I thought I would break but I didn’t stop. To please her was what I wanted and from what I could tell, I did a good job at that.

Then; after she finished cumming for me, she settled and look into my eyes with such a look that I will never forget it. It said so many thinks to me like ‘thank you’ – ‘I love you’ – ‘never leave me’ and so much more sweet nothings.

I though was not done yet and Lily knew that so we changed positions. She guided me to her chair where she taught many lessons and I sat down on it with her sit on me. From the moment that I had entered her to now, I hadn’t left the warm, tight and wet hold of her pussy. It was too good.

After I sat on the seat; Lily started fucking me on it and that position was so good because we could kiss and talk. After a moment; I could feel it. The build up of my orgasm rising in me and wanting to explode out of me in into Lily. I couldn’t do that though. I couldn’t knock her up or we would be in a lot of trouble.

I looked into her eyes and she could see that I was close so she humped me harder and faster which really made me go into a frenzy also. I grabbed her ass firm but not to the point of pain I hope and thrust into Lily and met her bounce.

“I’m close.” I said as I was a few seconds away from cumming.

We fucked for a few more seconds before I couldn’t handle it anymore and she jumped off of me and knelt down to take my load. I wasn’t expecting her to take my load like that. I honestly didn’t know what to expect.

She then jerked my penis in her hands and directed my penis towards her boobs and almost instantly, I came for her.

From memory; I had never had such a powerful orgasm. I came like it was the last orgasm of my entire life. It hit her boobs in such a way that it splashed back onto the chair and onto me. More cum splashed out onto Lily for some time before my own orgasm had stopped and now her entire boobs were coated with my cum. From the look on her face though, she didn’t mind the mess. She rather looked complimented by it.

After I settled from the orgasm I had just had. We sat together and just held each other for about five minutes before we moved and had to get cleaned up. I wiped the cum and sweat from me as she did the same and we talked about what we were going to do next.

We were now a couple but still; nobody would accept our relationship even if we told them about it a year or two later.

We staid together all through the end of school and so on. After school; I found a job and a place within a year. In that year though; we had to keep our relationship a secret before we could actually come out. We never told anybody about our in school-love-making-session so it was all innocent through their eyes.

This is our story. I and Lily chose to put this story here so that we could actually tell people in our own secret way (sort of). Were still together and now where soon to be married and have kids. Thanks for reading. 🙂

Good sex makes love always much more beautiful

Friday, September 30th, 2016

I do not want to write long stories, I just want to write, my secret about ,,what i enjoy the most with my wife”, and you write and answer your personally opinions about everything. I have a free relationship with my wife. and we enjoy everything, only when we agree together, between us there is no cheating. My wife is not jealous if i fuck another woman, she likes to watch and enjoy together with us. My wife loves sometimes, when, i fuck another woman, that we together have control, me and my wife together, complete satisfaction of other women with: sucking, controlled biting, and licking nipples, gently stroked her whole body and especially, my wife enjoys at the time when i fuck this woman, to licking her clitoris, and in such a way we have together of these women a maximum control from satisfaction of her restless body, i also like when other women do the same with me and my wife.

I enjoy also very much when i watch, my wife as she sucks cock from another man. because she knows how to do this so gently and beautifully. I like much more when she fucks another man. I’m then very curious and proud of my wife. She do this far the best, and so well, that my wife can never disappoint me as a lover with another man. She would always for me fuck, every other man, the best way she can. When she fucks another man, her lithe body twists so nice, she moves then so nice, She loves and enjoys to takes full control of pleasure, i constantly enjoy with my wife, not only sex, but also in many other different way. I believe every man would love to have such a woman, that he loves and trust. Woman who can fully trust in everything and anything, We have big love, and trust. We have a beautiful life, good sex, and many of our sweet secret. Let everyone enjoy their life in their own way.

Swinger lifestyle in Prince George

Tuesday, January 20th, 2015

I have met recently met a guy on plenty of fish (pof) in Prince George. It was going very well for first few weeks. I thought sex was great and we were doing amazing in bed but all of a sudden now he wants to be a swinger and swap partners. We met a couple on ashleymadison and I tried it for the first time this weekend with him to please him and found it to be very exciting, but I was very nervous. After talking to him about the nervousness my new guy seems to feel that I should have sex with a man first while he watches. It will apparently help me deal with the swapping a little better. I am concerned that I may be going into this too fast, but on the other hand I may enjoy it. I love sex and I love sexual adventures but doing this for a guy from a dating site so fast seems kind of scary and fun at the same time. I am kind of lost. I talked to few friends of mine who said they have had sex with other guys while their partners watched and it’s a turn on for them and for their partners. I never thought I would consider becoming a swinger!

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Married Guy Seduced by a Gay Guy Using Drugs

Tuesday, December 31st, 2013

I am married, kids, the whole bit. Quite happy but have a gay side that is frustrated by being good. What I mean by that is that like many guys, I am happy where I am, but to be truthful, I also want to have gay sex but cannot because I am married. A lot of guys are in this situation…and we all know it. About a year back I was traveling to a different city, and searched Craigslist to see if anyone wanted to get naked, watch some pron and jerk off. That was all I was willing to do. I searched Craigslist because I had been fantasizing about getting naked and jerking off with a guy as a way of satisfying my gay side but still being faithful so to speak (no sex so no worries right!). Just to explain the fantasizing…although i found my spouse sexy and liked to make luv 2 her….i also wanted to take a cock up the ass and to suck it and be gay…..cannot say why….but really…really…thought about it…….so….happy but tension….back to the trip away….I responded to a posting where a guy was looking for another to party and play. I actually did not know what that meant. I know now that party means to do some drugs to get high and then the play (meaning sex) follows. In fact I emailed a guy who had another posting to find out what party and play meant. I emailed the guy with the party and play posting and we exchanged pics. He was not bad looking. I made it clear that I was only wanting to get naked, watch some porn and jerk of and he seemed fine with that. I was already drunk and a bit high from 420 when I did this….I could not make such plans when sober……I went over to his place, and he wanted me to try a hard drug. I don’t feel like saying what it was but I tried it and was not impressed at first, but I can say now that I did not appreciate at all how it was affecting me. I had drank before I went there and did some 420, and I think being drunk impaired my ability to feel how the drug was affecting me….back to the story….We were in a computer room, watching some gay porn and doing the drug. We were touching a bit, but nothing to worry about. I was feeling relaxed and enjoying the porn which was making me aroused. After probably half an hour of this he said why don’t we go to the bedroom. I was high enough that I said sure. We did and he moved his computer there so that we could continue to watch gay porn. He also had a TV in his room with a DVR and put a gay porn disk in. There I was, kneeling naked on his bed, watching two screens of guys fucking each other, I mean hot gay anal porn, doing a hard drug for the first time. I was kinda expecting the drug to really get me wasted but I was still thinking (or so I thought).

I was kneeling on the bed…doing the drug…massaging my cock…with great lube he had…..watching two screens with guys taking it up the ass…and the drug was really making me high…so….watching the two screens of porn really became sexy and more real and more arousing and i was playing with myself really aroused….and i took some lube and was also lubing my ass…my spinctor…and my cheeks…my whole ass….and there i was…really high….and sexy and hot and naked on my knees watching gay porn and playing with my cock with one hand and my ass with the other….and behind me…laying with his shoulders against the headboard of the bed…was the guy getting me high…the guy i made it clear 2 i was unwilling to have sex with that all i was willing to do was to get naked, watch some porn, and jerk ourselves off…total safety…my clear limit and lines….anyway that guy…the guy getting me high on a new drug….was also taking the drug and getting high and he was also watching the really good and sexy gay porn…and feeling hot and sexy…and there i was in front of him…ass to him facing the porn screens….playing with my cok with one hand and my ass with the other…moving my hips in sexual arousal…..and he found…my ass and its motions really arousing and hot…and he found me playing with myself and being high….and vulnerable….and vulnerable…and vulnerable…arousing…and…we had run out of drug and he called his friend to bring some over…..mmmmm

….so his friend comes over…i pay for some more…and he gives it….and he gets naked and he and my host suck each other in the 69 position…and the guest is quite good looking…and that is really hot and turns me on more….both the sexiness of the friend and him and my friend sucking each other off….the friend gets dressed….my host and i are still naked…..and i am given a pill and told it is a herbal viagra….i take it and swallow it ….and i swear it was only after that that…after i swallowed it…..that it occurred to me that that was a really really really stupid thing to do. The problem was is that I was already drunk and high (but not realizing how high because I was drunk) and i just did it….the friend leaves and my host and i continue to watch porn while we do some more of the drug….getting higher and higher…

….i am so aroused getting high and watching the porn of guys taking it up the ass….i keep looking at my host who was not bad looking when i arrived and is looking better and better and better… i get higher and higher…also from the pill i took which was not a herbal viagra…don’t know what it was……and i tell him i would suck his cock if he had a condom….he tells me he has no condums….wow i find that hard to believe but i had 3 and so i put one over his balls (bit the head off the condum and worked it down his cok 2 do that) and one on his cok…and i start sukin it….it is really wide but no long so i think he is not erect…i think now he was but i was just not realizing his cok was thick but short….anyway…i am suking it and he wants to suk mine…like 69…so i put the last condum on and we are kinda 69 but i am on my knees kneeling down to suk his cock…really found it hot and…with his cock in my mouth…i am looking at his balls…and the curve of his ass…and really…really…getting aroused because i was so high and did not realize it….

….so I said i would like to take his cock up my…ass…put some lube on and sat on his cock…and that was sooo…hot …because i was sooo….high…..and he fucked me in several positions…..doggy style…on my back….on my side…wish his cok had been longer but hot all the same….

….then…he took the condom…off…when it was clear i would not fuck him without a condom he sent me back to my hotel…..i felt psychically like shit for a couple of days…not sure what drugs i was detoxing from…..and then left it for awhile….now and again when drunk fantasizing….other times horrified. And her I am posting it because it is both hot and horrible. What bugged me after is that there was no way i would suck and be fucked if i was not high and i simply did not see it coming but at the same time agreed to get high so….guilty and not guilty. But that was really unfair to give me a pill and lie to me about it once I was already completely high. I loved being seduced by him. I hope to be seduced more like this.