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Dying to Perform ~ Burlesque?

Since I was 8 or 9 I’ve wanted to be a performer. I am 25 now & have never shared that secret with anyone & have rarely gotten on stage.

I recently came across burlesque, which is a vintage take on striptease. I love neo-burlesque & think this art form is less intimidating that singing or acting while still giving me the opportunity to explore acting/singing/dancing on stage.

One thing: I’ll have to get next to naked on stage!!

I just don’t know if I’ll ever be brave enough to do it.

ALso I have body image issues which have also been with me since I was 8 or 9 & I doubt any amount of working out will make me love my body. I want to get over this & get onstage anyway.

Sigh. Will this be another fantasy never fulfilled for me?

Add it to the list…

More than anything I want to perform. Stand up, improv, acting, singing, dancing, breathing fire I DON’T CARE!

HELP! How can I get myself on a stage??????? Any suggestions for things to do on stage OTHER than burlesque? Any suggestions on how to start as a performer?

I’m not a good enough dancer or singer to do those alone.

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One Response to “Dying to Perform ~ Burlesque?”

  1. geppetto Says:

    who says you have to sing or dance…. lots of places have open mic nights, google some good jokes and try a couple minutes of that. Or get some girlfriends to get real drunk with you and kareoke…. noone judges at kareoke.

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