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Not Enough Hot Lesbian Sex

Help! I’m in the best relationship of my life but we have little to no sex life. We are coming up on our 2 year anniversary.

We are both female & I think we are both used to being ‘the girl’ in our relationships. The only problem with this is when it comes to sex: neither of us is good at initiating/being the aggressor. We’re both used to being the one pursued. We’re both shy & insecure. We both have no history of satisfying sexual relationships in our lives. Basically we’re both novices…I tried to bring my vibrator into the bedroom one of the 1st times we were messing around & she later admitted she felt awkward about it.

We are both the types to enjoy adventurous sex so it’s just weird that we both want that yet haven’t had any

How do I fix this? I just feel kind of hopeless & clueless about the situation

Tips & advice appreciated. From anyone who knows how to bed a woman. Thanks


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One Response to “Not Enough Hot Lesbian Sex”

  1. Jamie Says:

    I am in a lesbian relationship as well in Canada. For us sex life is great. If you are young you have lots of time just have some patience.

    Have you guys tried to talk openly about sex? If you talk about it then maybe both of you will know what the other partner likes or wants. You both can try to take it from there.

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