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Fantasy – Wife having sex with another man!

My wife and I have talked about her venturing out and finding another man to have sex with. We talk about it while we are having sex. The thought totally arouses me and I am wanting her to consider going out and finding just that man to either give him a blowjob or if she wants have sex with him. I just want her to tell me about all of it. It’s VERY stimulating to think of her having some sort of sexual activity with another man, again, as long as she tells me about it while we are having sex. It increases the intensity of my orgasm when she tells me that she will do it and I can just imagine what it would be like if she would just do it. I kinda want to watch her with another man but I think for the first time I would rather her go out on her own and just tell me about it then we could invite him over to let me watch him fuck her.

She used to tell me about her past sexual encounters with men before we were married but hasn’t done that in a long time. I loved it and miss being able to picture her with people we both knew. One time she even told me that she and one of my friends girlfriends had play a little touch and feel with each other but I’m not sure it was true. I hope it was because the story she told me drove me bonkers while we had sex. Anyway, I’m hoping that after 20 years of marriage she knows that I trust her enough to do this and that there is Love and then there is Sex. Her having sex of any kind with another man would totally stimulate me and her telling me about while we have sex would be over the top!!!

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One Response to “Fantasy – Wife having sex with another man!”

  1. Jamie Says:

    Wow thats intense. Thanks for sharing. I hope your wife does this for you. Love is powerful. Just let her read this story. See how it works out 🙂 I have similar fantasy with my girlfriend. She has been with other guys, and she would tell me about it later. Its a huge turn on for me as well. Dallas is a big place, I am sure your wife will have no troubles finding someone. If you wish to chat let me know. We can exchange stories.

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