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Flirting with neighbor on Ashley Madison

I was bored, horny and let’s face it, when you have a husband that sleeps half his life away like mine you get that way sometimes. On top of that there is nothing to do in Quesnel. To do anything you have to go to Prince George or to Vancouver, which is not always an option. Most of my friends are living either in Prince George or out of Quesnel. So, one day I sat in the living room and as predicted he fell asleep on the sofa again. I am still young and pretty and need love to keep me that way. I am only 27 years old. My breasts are a nice 34 C and still firm while my waist is a nice 24 and my ghetto booty gets a lot of men flirting with me both at work or when I go out but I always remember that I am married and never cheat.

Seeing my husband sleeping, I headed up the stairs leaving a trail of cloths leading to the bathroom upstairs and as I closed the door I started my hot bubble bath. I went to the bathroom as usual to see how bright the stars were and noticed neighbor shaving his face in the house across from mine so I watched him for a few seconds. I saw him totally naked and he wasn’t half bad. I never fantasized about him but this time it was different because I was so horny. I saw everything from his head down. He must have been at least an eight incher and I knew if he caught me looking he would close his window so I shut the light off and continued to watch his every move.

I subconsciously started to tickle, squeeze and rub my nipples and when I caught myself I stopped for a few minutes but only to find myself doing it over and over again. The man started touching his self not knowing I was watching and I started to think how greatly sexually heightened I was getting and my hands moved to my intimate area and that’s when the real fun began. I was pleasing myself as I watched him masturbate. If he did it faster so did I. Harder then faster my fingers went. First one finger went in then two then even three at a time. My fingers slid in and out watching him as I helped myself. I was so stimulated from my hands touching my hot spot and watching him that I was almost there. I fantasized of having fun with him.

My eyes were shut as my ecstasy continued but I would peek for a slight look at his rock hard cock. I would shut my eyes once again then slowly continue my massage. I wanted to cum but didn’t dare because I loved to scream out when I did climax but by now I said fuck it and started the Cumming process again and again having small orgasms one right after another. First a whimper then a cry as my pleasure heightened. I grabbed a towel and bite it as I tried to hold in the screams of passion but in my mind the whole neighborhood heard me. One last peek at the man next door and that was the end of me. I still peek at him when I could; he is on Ashley Madison I found, so I am now flirting with him on that site. He is married so am I. He doesn’t know who I am but we both want to meet and have an affair like those people do on the site.

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