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I want to get back with my ex-husband

I want to get back together with my ex-husband. We got married after about three months together, and I told him I couldn’t live in sin and keep having so much sex… because of my Jehovah religion. He got upset and left and came back a little later and told me he wants to get married. So I got my way, and we got married. He left my kids and me after about one year of marriage and gave no reason—other than his asshole parents dangling money in front of him to get him to leave me. He took the $ and left me and never came back. Did call a few times drunk wanting to fuck and asking if my last kid was his lol … nope, baby daddy was your best friend.

If I get a chance to start chatting with him …I will do my best to seduce him with sex or whatever I can to get him back. I know he would be easy to persuade and I know he would hook up with me if it were in secret … being he has a girlfriend. I think that because we were married once would make easy, along with many whiskeys and he will be in me all night

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One Response to “I want to get back with my ex-husband”

  1. The Upgrade Says:

    shame on you. he was probably a nice guy….. and made the smartest decision of his life to leave your self loathing ass. I can already imagine his new woman is a beauty. get over it and move on, he isnt coming back and if you manipulate him like you say you plan to—well you will deserve what comes from his woman or something named karma. girls like you are the reason men are sour after divorce or failed relationships. just know he is very happy and your not. blame yourself

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