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I miss my unborn child

I had one nightstand, when I was growing up in Port Hardy with a girl. I was 22 and she was 24. She got pregnant. Of course I was very scared and so was she. After long discussion with our families, we decided that she would give birth to the baby and I would raise him. We even agreed that she doesn’t have to do anything with the baby if she doesn’t want to. Well, few weeks after that she aborted. Some of her friends told her she would get fat. She was scared to get fat. I was devastated but didn’t express it to anyone. Everyday I think of the baby I could have had and have to cut the pain out and get high to numb myself. I hate her. She ruined my life and I still miss that baby. Turned out she is actually over 250 pounds without ever having to give birth to any babies. I guess there is a God after all. I, however, regret that I didn’t see this was coming and that I didn’t save my unborn baby from this monster.


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