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Sex with a younger black guy in Prince Rupert

I am a married woman. For work I was sent to Prince Rupert for some meetings. While there I was extremely horny and of course my husband had to stay home and work. I was all alone and figured it would be fun to check out the chat rooms onĀ fling and other dating sites. I started chatting with this younger guy. He was probably about ten years younger than me. He seemed excited and intrigued by our conversation. I told him I was in town alone in my hotel and extremely horny. He asked if he could come over to have sex with me and I agreed. He arrived shortly after. He was young, fit and black. I am extremely turned on by men of colour and was instantly wet. He began to kiss me and removed my clothes instantly. I assited him in removing his and we began touching and kissing each others body. He was instantly hard and wanted me then and there. He removed protection from his pocket, slid it on and entered my moist pussy. I could not contain myself and came without more than two thrusts. He was also excited and within minutes was cumming as well. We went at it for about half an hour more. He dressed, said his goodbyes and said if I was available the next night he would love to come by. He did not come again but I will definitely remember my night in prince rupert with the dark young lover.


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One Response to “Sex with a younger black guy in Prince Rupert”

  1. James Quin Says:

    Where else do you travel to?
    What city are based out of?
    Maybe we can hook up sometime.

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